BANNING, CA – Hoffer Elementary School’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program boasts a comprehensive, high-level curriculum that has contributed to the school’s recent classification as a Nationally Certified STEM School by the National Institute for STEM Education (NISE).

Hoffer Elementary was recognized with the National Certificate for STEM Excellence (NCSE) from NISE in May, honoring the school’s commitment to implementing strategies that create a STEM-based campus culture, aiming to foster ingenuity and raise student achievement. Principal Matthew Beilstein has overseen the development of the STEM program for the last 10 years and has helped the program grow in both success and popularity among students.

“Hoffer Elementary has had a history of providing our Hoffer Heroes with STEM enrichment and learning opportunities to prepare them to be college- and career-ready,” Beilstein said. “Being recognized as a Nationally Certified STEM School is a testament to the continuous hard work and dedication of our staff and students.”

Hoffer Elementary School has incorporated STEM education in both the curriculum and extracurricular activities for students. Beginning as early as first grade, students participate in a special afterschool STEM club, where they program gyroscopic robots that move, talk and sing. Using chalk drawings, miniature traffic cones, plastic balls and more, Hoffer Elementary School students create obstacle courses for their robots.

With Wonder Workshop, an online coding education platform, students program their robots to move through courses and even “shoot baskets” with ping-pong balls and buckets. Hoffer Elementary students have also begun experimenting with 3D printing pens, filled with colorful pigment, and creating art based on their favorite characters, or developing working objects like cell phone cases and miniature catapults.

“We are incredibly proud to see Hoffer Elementary School recognized as a Nationally Certified STEM School,” Superintendent Terrence Davis said. “Banning Unified is grateful to have an accomplished team of educators and staff, who use their talents to help our students excel in our global economy. We look forward to the continued development of these programs.”


BAUSD_STEM: Hoffer Elementary School students showcase their robotics and mathematics skills, as they code, connect and complete obstacle courses with their robots.

BAUSD_STEM2: A student in the afterschool coding and robotics program prepares to code and race her bot against her peers.