CITY OF INDUSTRY – Hacienda La Puente Unified School District’s Board of Education celebrated the completion of several Measure BB-funded classroom modernization projects and approved a new funding strategy to resume construction and planning for the remaining District campuses during the Special Board Meeting on Oct. 21 and continuance meeting on Oct. 26.

Modernization projects are divided into nine phases that encompass every school in the District. Phases one and two are finalizing with classroom modernizations completed at Nelson Elementary School, Los Altos Elementary School, Mesa Robles School and Workman Elementary School and concluding at Cedarlane Academy.

The Board of Education approved the strategy to resume construction at schools in the first two phases on an accelerated schedule this winter. These schools include Grandview College Preparatory Academy, Newton Middle School and Sparks Middle School.

Phases three through nine are described as projected future phases to address updates needed on the other campuses in the District.

After completing all projects in phases one and two, the District will further outline the plan for completing the last seven phases.

Voters passed Measure BB in 2016, authorizing the District to issue up to $148 million in bonds to complete a comprehensive classroom modernization program; current cost estimates to finish all renovations amount to $223 million.

The cost increase is due to several factors, including inflation and COVID-related supply chain issues. The Board has approved closing the funding gap with investment proceeds, existing District funds and applying for a Matching Modernization Grant from the State of California.

“We are exploring every option to ensure our students, teachers and staff have these vital 21st-century classroom upgrades executed as soon as possible,” Associate Superintendent of Business Services Manoj Roychowdhury said.

The improvements are part of a comprehensive, innovative program to ensure all Hacienda La Puente Unified schools are up-to-date, in good repair and support the latest technology.

“Our goal is to continue active communication on all bond-related matters, ensuring our projects stay on track and that our campuses can inspire and support academic success,” Superintendent Dr. Alfonso Jiménez said. “Thank you, Hacienda La Puente Unified, Manoj Roychowdhury and the Board of Education for your time and dedication as we focus on fulfilling priority projects that promote our vision of learning forward, building bolder.”