SAN GABRIEL, CA – Gabrielino High School will expand is Advanced Placement and career technical education (CTE) curriculum by adding two new classes – AP Psychology and Applied Chemistry and Engineering – in 2019-20. The San Gabriel Unified Governing Board approved the new courses during its May 28 meeting.

The electives are one-year courses designed for juniors and seniors who are ready for college-level work and hands-on, career-focused instruction. Two sections of AP Psychology and one section of Applied Chemistry and Engineering will be offered in 2019-20.

“Gabrielino is continually seeking to improve and update all our curriculum and give our students more opportunities to challenge themselves academically,” Gabrielino Principal Sharron Heinrich said. “We are able to expand our curriculum through the efforts and enthusiasm of our outstanding faculty and staff, as well as a forward-thinking superintendent and governing board.”

Students will receive five credits for each semester they successfully complete. The AP course meets the criteria established by the College Board for Advanced Placement electives; both courses meet the CSU/UC A-G college preparatory elective requirement.

Gabrielino offers 22 AP courses that challenge students to embrace college-prep coursework and potentially earn college credits. The school boasts a robust college and career center with a dedicated CTE counselor who aids with college planning and applications, financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Gabrielino is ranked in the top 6 percent of schools in the nation by U.S. News and World Report for their commitment to equity and emphasis on college and career readiness.

“San Gabriel is committed to a culture of high expectations for its students, which is fully embraced by our community,” Superintendent Dr. John Pappalardo said. “We will continue to develop ways to encourage and support students so that they can reach their maximum potential.”