SAN GABRIEL, CA – Gabrielino High School is promoting civic engagement and education – and preparing students for the Nov. 6 election – by taking part in the state’s High School Voter Education Weeks, which run through Sept. 28.

The two weeks of activities – which launched on Sept. 17 – include voter registration and pre-registration for Gabrielino juniors and seniors in U.S. history and government/economics classes. By pre-registering, students will automatically become active voters once they turn 18.

“As part of their education in San Gabriel Unified, students are encouraged to become active, informed citizens and positively shape their community,” SGUSD Superintendent Dr. John Pappalardo said. “Thank you to Gabrielino teachers and staff for helping inform students and prepare them to become part of the electorate.”

Under Assembly Bill 1817, High School Voter Education Weeks take place every year during the last two full weeks of April and September. Students can be appointed to serve as voter outreach coordinators and coordinate election-related activities, such as voter registration drives, mock elections, debates and other outreach activities.

The school’s Social Science department will also promote civic engagement by hosting a student mock election at the end of October. Gabrielino is also working with L.A. County officials to supply student poll workers for the November election.

To vote in California elections, citizens must be registered to vote 15 days before an election takes place. The California voter registration deadline to participate in the Nov. 6 midterm elections is Oct. 23.