FONTANA, CA – A.B. Miller High School is seeking additional community input via survey and town hall meetings as it undergoes the process to rebrand its Rebel mascot image, asking the question “what mascot best represents A.B. Miller High School Rebels and its core values?”

A rebranding committee composed of students, alumni, certificated and classified staff, administrators and parents gathered in late August to discuss the purpose, parameters and intended goal of the process, which aimed to gain consensus regarding whether the school should retain the Rebel name and change its mascot image, or change both the name and the image.

“I have been a proud member of the A.B. Miller High School community for 27 years, and know that the passion and pride for our school runs deep in our alumni and community members,” A.B. Miller High School principal Dr. Barbara Kelley said. “A mascot can change over time as the community it represents as it changes over time. We encourage our community to share their input as we consider how to honor our history and move forward with a mascot image that best represents our school and our values.”

The first phase of feedback, which was presented at the Sept. 7 Board of Education meeting, indicated consensus among students, employees and community members to keep the Rebel mascot name. The next phase of feedback, solicited via Thought Exchange and shared at the Nov. 2 Board meeting, asked for input on a new mascot image.

The Board unanimously voted to approve the recommendation that A.B. Miller High School keep the Rebel mascot name, and requested additional input from staff, alumni and community members regarding the selection of a new mascot image.

Community members interested in providing input regarding the school’s mascot imagery can do so through an updated Thought Exchange survey or attend one of two in-person town hall meetings.

To access the survey, which is available through Sunday, Nov. 27, visit The town hall meetings will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 29 and Monday, Dec. 5 in the A.B. Miller High School library, 6821 Oleander Ave., Fontana.

Following this phase of community input, the rebranding committee will present its updated feedback to the Board of Education, seek clarification and parameters for the design component of the image rebranding, and present design to the Board for their consideration.


FUSD_ABM_MASCOT: A.B. Miller High School is currently represented by an “M” while the school undergoes the process to select a new Rebel mascot image. The school is seeking community input regarding the new image.