FONTANA, CA – As an Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) student, A.B. Miller senior Maritza Padilla understands that she and her classmates greatly benefit from increased access to resources that establish a pathway to higher education.

Padilla was recently selected as a regional 2019 AVID Write-Off essay contest award winner. Writing on the topic of free college tuition, Padilla was honored at the 20th annual AVID Write-Off awards ceremony, held March 21 at the California Theater of Performing Arts in San Bernardino.

“I feel exhilarated to have won the AVID Write-Off,” Padilla said. “AVID has helped my peers and me successfully apply to college and allow us the opportunity to pursue our dreams. My AVID teacher, Ms. Orrison, gave me great advice – you miss every shot you don’t take – so I was motivated to give the essay contest my personal best.”

The AVID Write-Off, an essay contest for sixth- to 12th-graders and sponsored by Riverside, Inyo, Mono and San Bernardino counties (RIMS), is a timed-essay writing contest modeled after the University of California’s Analytical Writing Exam.

Students prep for their topic for five days, discussing pros and cons with their AVID teachers and performing activities that expand their knowledge. The participants are given 45 minutes to write their essays. Schools submit a winner for each grade level. Winners are determined by RIMS AVID judges.

“Maritza is highly deserving of all recognition she receives,” A.B. Miller AVID teacher Julie Orrison-Myrehn said. “She is an extraordinary woman whose intelligence, work ethic and kindness are unrivaled.”

Padilla was recently named a 2019 Dell Scholar and received a $20,000 scholarship from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. She will attend UC Irvine and major in computer science.


FUSD_AVID_WRITE: A.B. Miller High School senior Maritza Padilla was honored as a regional 2019 AVID Write-Off essay contest award winner during a ceremony on March 21.