FONTANA, CA – Cypress Elementary School fourth and fifth grade students are developing valuable life skills in the school’s newest afterschool learning opportunity: the sewing club.

The club, which meets once a week for two hours, will teach students the basics of sewing, including how to use a sewing machine, load thread, fix torn clothes, sew on buttons and more. Students also learn how to follow directions and work in a team environment.

The sewing club was formed when Cypress Elementary School Assistant Principal Michael Rodriguez heard that the City of Fontana had additional funds available to provide after-school programs for students. Rodriguez reached out to Fontana Adult School sewing teacher Mr. Hayes, who expressed his interest and excitement in teaching elementary students how to sew.

The city provided Cypress Elementary School with six sewing machines, which students have already put to good use in making their own scrunchies and pillows.

“I wanted to bring new opportunities to our students and help them develop a skill that they can build upon and use in their future,” Rodriguez said. “I am always trying to think outside of the box of what we can do here at Cypress Elementary to provide more enrichment for our students.”

More enriching after-school opportunities are slated to begin next school year at Cypress Elementary, including a digital media club that will give students the chance to learn even more skills to aid them in their future endeavors.


FUSD_CYPRESS_SEWING: Cypress Elementary fourth- and fifth-graders are learning unique skills in the after-school sewing club. Students learn how to use a sewing machine, load thread, fix torn clothes, sew on buttons, and more.