FONTANA, CA – Fontana Unified School District will transition from an “at-large” to by-trustee area elections system for the Board of Education in November 2022, following the adoption of Resolution No. 22-05 and the selection of a final trustee map and sequence of elections during the March 9 Board meeting.

The Board of Education adopted Scenario 6 – a map submitted by a group of Fontana citizens that had gained the most public support – following a series of public hearings that solicited input from the community.

The Board also approved Trustee Areas 1, 2 and 5 to be included in the 2022 election and for Trustee Areas 3 and 4 to be elected in 2024. As part of this sequence, the Board’s two newest members – Board President Dr. Jennifer Quezada and Vice President Joe Armendarez – would keep their seats as at-large members until 2024.

The Fontana Unified Board of Education adopted a resolution declaring its intent to comply with the California Voting Rights Act in November 2021, prompting the process to transition from an at-large election – where all Board of Education members are elected by voters of the entire school district – to a by-trustee area election system, where Board members are elected by voters in designated areas.

The final trustee area map will be reviewed by the San Bernardino County Committee on School District Organization in the coming months.

“Thank you to our District community and the public for their input and collaboration throughout the District’s process of shifting to a by-trustee election system,” Fontana Unified Superintendent Randal S. Bassett said. “With the continued support of our families, employees, community and Board of Education, Fontana Unified School District remains committed to ensuring our students are equipped with the knowledge, resources and opportunities to succeed.”