BUENA PARK – Emery School students filled the halls of Thanksgiving Church with laughter and applause as they spent their final elementary school day reflecting on friendships, hugging and saying goodbye to one another during their school’s sixth-grade promotion ceremony.

The school’s sixth-grade promotion ceremony took place May 31 with 76 students being awarded for finishing their elementary school years, participating in various clubs and achieving academic milestones.

Students and parents were also treated to a retrospective video that spanned the 2018-19 school year, showing students playing sports, going on field trips and even making personalized pharaoh masks.

Sixth-grader Justus Smith said he’s looking forward to attending Buena Park Junior High, along with some of his friends, because of the school’s robust program offerings.

“I’m going to miss my teachers and just Emery School in general,” Smith said. “I made so many great memories here, but my favorite has to be the outdoor science learning class – it was just so much fun to learn with my friends.”

Emery School Principal Julie Linnecke congratulated her students and urged them to step out of their comfort zone to find out what excites them and what will guide their future into high school, college and beyond.

“You are the authors of your own story, you can determine what happens next,” Linnecke said. “Find your passion, stay focused and don’t give up. I want you all to continue learning and growing every day.”


Presidential Award (Gold):
Lauren Kim, Eunjun Jang, Ellie Kim, Jonathan Kim, Darren Woo and Emily Kim.

Presidential Award (Silver):
Gabriel Barretto, Daniela Borruel, Sophia Holbrook, Claire Kim, Noah Lee, Kaley Oh, Ryan Leem, Katlyn Kim, Raphaela Santos, Kaylene Vivo, Farah Alramahi, Riley Arenas, Emily Choi, Enoch Han, Iris Park and Shameel Shabeer.

Student Council:
Aidan Sarreal, Ryan Leem, Danny Kim, Farah Alramahi, Riley Arenas, Emily Kim, Ellie Kim, Raphaela Santos, Gabriel Barretto, Kulsoom Syed, Darren Woo, Eliana Lee, Ali Nqvi, Victoria Gutierrez, Joel Park, Chloe Oh, Owen Northover, Cherina Kim, Jonathan Kim, Kaley Oh, Shameel Shabeer, Desiree Ombao, Julissa Valdovinos and Marian Best.

Ellie Kim.

Spelling Bee:
Eliana Lee and Jonathan Kim.

Core Ethical:
Yoora Kee.

Art Contest Winners:
Ryan Leem, Lauren Kim, Desiree Ombao, Eunjun Jang, and Farah Alramahi.

Justus Smith, Eunjun Jang, Shameel Shabber, Jonathan Kim, Brandon Brozzoski, Emily Kim, Danny Kim, Katlyn Kim, Owen Ramirez, Daniel Moon, Mathew Ra and Cherina Kim.

Glee Club:
Riley Arenas, Katlyn Kim, Emily Kim, Justus Smith, Kulsoom Syed, Chloe Oh, Aidan Sarreal, Raphaela Santos, Lauren Kim, Nathan Pimentel, Farah Alramah, Desiree Ombao, Kaylee Vivo, Julissa Valdovinos, Kaley Oh, Didi Okereke, Claire Kim, Joy Seo, Yoora kee, Cherina Kim, Jasmine Martinez, Grace Kim, Alondra Zarate, Emily Choi, Abigail lee, Chloe Saclot, Victoria Gutierrez, Gabriel Barretto, Marian Best and Ellie Kim.

Running Club:
Jocelyn Santos, Stanley Kim, Brandon Brozzoski, Didi Okereke, Katlyn Kim and Alondra Zarate.

Justus Smith, Kulsoom Syed and Brand Brozzoski.

ST Math:
Alex Munoz.

Vertical Play Pen:
Daniela Borruel, Desiree Ombao, Emily Kim, Grace Kim, Ellie Kim, Owen Pineira, Justus Smith, Noah Lee, Valentin Cabral and Kaley Oh.

Nathan Pimentel, Kaylene Vivo, Riley Arenas, Brandon Brozzoski, Valentin Cabral, Stephen Huh, Iris Park, Sam Park, Kai Lee, Ali Naqvi and Shameel Shabeer.

AR Rock Stars:
Chloe Oh, Aidan Sarreal, Lauren Kim, Enoch Han, Kaylene Vivo, Eunjun Jang, Gabriel Barretto, Daniela Borruel, Minseo Jang, William Kim, Noah Lee, Kaley Oh, Valentin Cabral, Stephen Huh, Eliana Lee, Ellie Kim and Jonathan Kim.

Million Words:
Enoch Han, Eunjun Jang, Kaley Oh, Chloe Oh, Eliana Lee, Valentin Cabral, Aidan Sarreal, Darren Woo, Ellie Kim, Minseo Jang, Jonathan Kim, Grace Kim, Emily Kim and Iris Park.

Science Fair:
Brandon Brozzoski, Kaley Oh, Danny Kim, Shameel Shabeer, Jayden Song, Darren Woo, riley Arenas, Kulsoom Syed, Emily Kim and Cherina Kim.

Math Team:
Noah Lee, Brandon Brozzoski, Minseo Jang, Iris Park, Katlyn Kim, Ellie Kim, Farah Alramahi, Kai Lee, Darren Woo, Gabriel Barretto, Raphaela Santos, Eunjun Jang, Enoch Han, Ryan Leem, Danny Kim, Emily Choi, Shameel Shabeer, Daniela Boruel, Sophia Holbrook, Kaley Oh and Eliana Lee.

Perfect Attendance:
Eunjun Jang, Katlyn Kim, Owen Pineira, Raphaela Santos, Nathan Pimentel, Enoch Han, Sophia Holbrook, Minseo Jang, Cherina Kim, Kulsoom Syed, Allen Kwak and Grace Kim.

Masonic Award:
Riley Arenas and Ryan Leem.


060619_BUENAPARK_EMERYPROMOTION: Emery School sixth-graders Daniela Borruel (left) and Sophia Holbrook (right) show off their promotion certificates, signifying the end of their elementary school years.