EL MONTE – South El Monte High School celebrated former and current Associated Student Body (ASB) members at their ASB Induction Ceremony in December, which emphasized their hard work and dedication during distance learning in 2020-21 and their successful return to campus in 2021-22.

Despite spending the majority of their 2021 term online, student leaders came together and planned opportunities for students to stay engaged and have fun while following COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

“Our goals were to build ongoing connections with our student body and unite the classes,” former ASB president Jayleen De La Cruz said. “We wanted to incorporate activities throughout the year that brought mindfulness to mental health and also focused on how we could continue planning ongoing events for students.”

A week prior to returning for the 2021-22 school year, ASB members organized a Registration and Orientation Day, inviting both new and returning students to engage in activities such as games and a Q&A to learn more about their campus. ASB students then kicked off the first week of school with a “Welcome Back Rally,” celebrating fall sports, campus engagement opportunities and promoting school spirit. Students decorated the school in blue and gold, dressed in designated colors for each class and hung balloons and streamers.

The former ASB members who were honored for their work are: Jayleen De La Cruz, President; Andrew Ortega Valle, Vice President; Jessica Michel, Secretary; Belen Sanchez, Treasurer; Brenda Zambrano, Historian; Alexander COLIS Vasquez, Director of Clubs; and Blanca Casteñeda, Director of Renaissance.

South El Monte High School’s new ASB Cabinet consists of: Camila Ortega, President; Ruben Carrazco, Vice President; Anthony Trieu, Secretary; Amelie Orozco, Treasurer; Aaron Morales, Historian; Gisselle Ferrer, Director of Clubs; and Mia Hernandez Cruz, Director of Renaissance.

“Coming back from the pandemic, we didn’t get a chance to have a second semester to shadow our former ASB Cabinet but I am extremely thankful we have that time of guidance now,” Ortega said. “As president, I am determined to showcase my leadership skills and be an example. I want to continue putting smiles on the faces of our fellow students, giving them positive experiences and memories to hold onto.”

The newly inducted ASB Cabinet is preparing for a number of upcoming events scheduled for the rest of the year such as the Night Rally, Sadie’s Dance, Last Batch Dance and a rewarding Disneyland leadership trip.

“I’ve been an ASB teacher for many years and this is the first Cabinet who are extremely sad to leave and want to remain in office because of the time they missed,” Director of Student Affairs Oscar Castillo said. “They went above and beyond for their student body without any experience of leading or taking charge of events. I am completely impressed by their dedication and ability to work as a team with the incoming members. This speaks highly of their qualities, attributes and desires to help our school.”


EMUHSD_ASB_CABINET_1: South El Monte High School’s ASB Cabinet student leaders exemplified leadership and dedication to their student body throughout the 2020-21 school year.

EMUHSD_ASB_CABINET_2: ASB members and the South El Monte High School eagle mascot welcome seniors back for their last first day of school.

EMUHSD_ASB_CABINET_3: Students gather in the decorated football stadium to celebrate their class spirit and school pride at the “Welcome Back Rally” on Aug. 20, 2021.