EL MONTE – Arroyo High School (AHS) welcomed more than 300 attendees to its ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 23, marking the grand opening of its long-awaited Stadium Project and showcasing El Monte Union High School District’s (EMUHSD) dedication to fostering healthy living and school spirit within the community.

Students, parents, families, community members, administration, local dignitaries, and elected officials gathered at Arroyo High to celebrate the completion of a state-of-the-art facility featuring a high-performance rubberized track and field, new scoreboard and concession stands, revamped visitor bleachers, and a grand stadium entrance. The AHS Stadium will serve as a vibrant hub for physical fitness activities, athletic events, health and wellness instruction, student performances, and school community gatherings.

“I am so happy to see so many of our students and community members come out and support the opening of our beautiful new stadium and I want to thank you all for being here,” AHS Principal Gabriel Flores said. “The time spent adapting and adjusting while construction was going on was all worth it for this moment. We are extremely excited that soon everyone will get to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful facility.”

The ceremony kicked off with an electrifying performance by Arroyo High’s award-winning marching band, accompanied by the spirited cheer team. The pledge of allegiance was led by AHS Associated Student Body President and senior Krissia Valle, followed by a heartfelt speech to her fellow peers and the Class of 2024.

“This stadium stands as a symbol of our unity, strength, and spirit of Arroyo. From the moment its construction began, it represented our commitment to excellence in the present and future,” Valle said. “As we celebrate on the brink of a new chapter, I am filled with immense pride and excitement to be a part of the first class to graduate and walk on this new turf. Together, let us continue to make history.”

El Monte Union Board of Trustees President Ricardo Padilla and Superintendent Dr. Edward Zuniga each delivered speeches emphasizing the stadium’s role in enhancing student life and community engagement.

“As we cut the ribbon on Arroyo High’s Stadium Project today, we are not just opening a stadium; we are opening the door to new opportunities, experiences, and memories for our students,” Padilla said. “This is a space where future champions will train, where school spirit will soar, and where our community will come together to celebrate our shared successes.”

The AHS Stadium Project, part of EMUHSD’s $190 million modernization program funded primarily by Measure HS, was approved by the Board of Trustees in October 2018, and aims to enhance student performance through facility upgrades across District campuses.

“Thank you to our Board of Trustees and community members for their generous support of the Measure HS bond and making this stadium come to fruition for our students,” Dr. Zuniga said. “This funding allows us to invest in providing them with safe learning environments that include the latest infrastructure and technology – integral for their continued academic and athletic growth.”


EMUHSD_AHS_RIBBONCUTTING_1: From left to right: Arroyo High School (AHS) Principal Gabriel Flores, AHS Associated Student Body President and senior Krissia Valle, and El Monte Union High School District Superintendent Dr. Edward Zuniga celebrate the grand opening of the AHS new Stadium during a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 23. The project features a high-performance rubberized track and field, new scoreboard and concession stands, revamped visitor bleachers, and a grand stadium entrance.

EMUHSD_AHS_RIBBONCUTTING_2: Arroyo High School’s cheer team greets guests and community members with spirited cheers as they enter the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of the school’s new stadium on May 23.

EMUHSD_AHS_RIBBONCUTTING_3: Arroyo High School’s award-winning marching band welcomed guests and community members with a memorable performance during a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the grand opening of their school’s new state-of-the-art stadium on May 23.