EL MONTE – Rosemead High School senior Madison Loterina has received a full-ride Posse Foundation Scholarship to attend Bucknell University, where she will continue to explore her passion for learning and pursue her dream of becoming a history teacher.

Madison, a first-generation college student with a 4.15 GPA, discovered her passion for helping others to learn at an early age while volunteering with younger students at her elementary school. Madison credits her Advanced Placement (AP) history teachers at EMUHSD for nurturing her love of the subject and inspiring her career goals.

“One goal I’ve always had for myself is to be a positive influence in the world,” Madison said. “I believe teachers are the foundation of change because they make such a huge impact on our future generations.”

While taking AP World History and AP U.S. History, Madison said her teachers’ kindness, consideration and patience was transformative. During the courses, Madison made connections from past to present, learned to have meaningful conversations and encouraged others to do the same.

“Madison is already a model student, taking beautiful notes, participating in class and working hard on developing her writing skills. She is a perfect example of a scholar and a clear leader,” AP U.S. History teacher Michelle Ban said. “However, what really made me want to nominate her for the Posse Scholarship was her positive and cheerful attitude that completely brightened the dynamic and culture for everyone in the classroom.”

Madison is an involved member of the Rosemead High campus where she is active in clubs such as Ecology, where she can explore her interest in eco-friendly practices, and Saving and Protecting Every Animal with Knowledge (SPEAK) where she works to promote animal rights.

In addition to her teachers, Madison says she draws inspiration from her mother, who immigrated to the U.S. as an infant from Vietnam and has always encouraged Madison to go for her dreams.

“Another motivation for me is my mom,” Madison said. “I grew up in a single-parent household and was the only child, so she had to take on the role of mother and father, doing what she could to support me. I am excited to have received this full-ride opportunity to attend an amazing college and to make my mom even more proud.”

Founded in 1989, the Posse Foundation identifies students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential who might be overlooked by traditional college selection processes. With the Posse Foundation Scholarship, Madison’s future plans include making the most of the study abroad program at Bucknell, with the hopes of traveling, seeing new places and experiencing new cultures.

“Rosemead High School is extremely proud to have someone like Madison, whose incredible personality and leadership skills have touched many on our campus,” Rosemead High School Principal Brian Bristol said. “We know she is going to accomplish any goals she sets her mind too and we wish her all the best as she continues to inspire change for our world.”


EMUHSD_MADISON_LOTERINA_1: Rosemead High School senior Madison Loterina has received a full-tuition Posse Foundation Scholarship to attend Bucknell University.