EL MONTE – South El Monte High School (SEMHS) students, families, staff, dignitaries and community members gathered for a lively ribbon-cutting ceremony on Aug. 24, which celebrated the completion of the school’s quad renovation project.

The ceremony included a welcome performance, the national anthem led by South El Monte’s Choir, speeches and a special “happy birthday” to SEMHS, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary on Sept. 2. Attendees included City Council members and representatives of local elected officials who presented certificates of recognition.

“On behalf of our student body here at South El Monte, I want to thank the District, Board of Trustees, administration, staff and all others who helped in creating our beautiful new quad,” SEMHS Associated Student Body President Camila Ortega said. “In addition to thanking them, I would also like to recognize the workers who came in before and after school every day to enable the continuation of this project. We sincerely appreciate the time and effort that was put into introducing us students to a new lifestyle and welcoming environment where we can come together and unite as a school community.”

In October 2021, the Board of Trustees approved funding from the Measure HS Bond to support a number of facilities improvements on every EMUHSD campus. The quad renovation project at SEMHS included the addition of a concrete stage, seat walls, walkways and pavers, trees and landscaping, electric and audio connections, and outdoor furnishing including benches, tables and trash receptacles.

“Today, we commemorate the investments made by our District, local community and families into our high school helping to promote our students’ success and school spirit,” SEMHS Principal Dr. Jorge Morales said. “With the newest additions to our quad, students now have a clean and open learning environment to safely cross campus during passing periods, socialize with classmates, sit in shaded areas and host large activities such as pep rallies, college and career fairs, outdoor school dances and much more.”

The District and SEMHS are planning for future projects that include classroom modernizations, installation of HVAC at the gymnasium, enhancements to the administration and library buildings, new roofing and painting throughout the school, and the installation of a new track and field.

“As we welcome in the 2022-23 school year, we are excited to be gathered with students and parents, just in time to celebrate the latest improvements to South El Monte and its 30-year anniversary,” Superintendent Dr. Edward Zuniga said. “Thank you to our Board of Trustees and community members for their generous support. Through these bond measures, we can invest in providing our students with a space where they can thrive academically and feel proud of their schools’ rich history and tradition.”


EMUHSD_SEMHS_RIBBON-CUTTING_1: El Monte Union High School District Superintendent Dr. Edward Zuniga, South El Monte High School (SEMHS) Associated Student Body President Camila Ortega and SEMHS Principal Dr. Jorge Morales celebrate the completion of SEMHS quad renovation with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Aug. 24.

EMUHSD_SEMHS_RIBBON-CUTTING_2: South El Monte’s Mighty Eagles Marching Band, Drill Team, Color Guard Choir and Cheerleading Team welcome guests with a special performance as they arrive for the quad renovation ribbon-cutting ceremony on Aug. 24.

EMUHSD_SEMHS_RIBBON-CUTTING_3: South El Monte’s Cheerleading Team sparks school spirit with lively chants during the quad renovation ribbon-cutting ceremony on Aug. 24.

EMUHSD_SEMHS_RIBBON-CUTTING_4: The South El Monte Choir performs the national anthem during a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the school’s quad renovation on Aug. 24.