COVINA – Covina High School (CHS) students are working together to support their peers and community by creating Colt Outfitters. This on-campus thrift store aims to provide an accessible, low-cost clothing option for all students and work opportunities for special education students.

Located in a formerly empty classroom at Covina High, the trendy thrift shop is decorated with lights and fashionable knick-knacks and filled with merchandise that students donate to students. Everything at the store costs a mere two dollars, making the shop an affordable option for students experiencing financial difficulties.

The store also benefits students from the District’s Life-Skills Education Advancement Program (LEAP). Students with cognitive and developmental challenges can work at Colt Outfitters to earn money, learn work and life skills, and increase their independence. This innovative model allows the store to benefit a large cross-section of CHS students and have a lasting positive impact on the community.

“We’re very excited to continue Colt Outfitters next year and to also think of other ways to incorporate the community,” Principal Daisy Carrasco said. “Everyone has been very supportive and has come together to give back to this store.”

The school’s Interact Club developed Colt Outfitters. This service club encourages Covina High School students to donate their time to local programs and charities. Interact Club members created the logo and name, now embossed on an Instagram-worthy photo wall in the shop.

In addition to donations from students, Colt Outfitters received clothing and clothes racks from the local Target, which consulted with Covina High School on the project and helped them develop an appealing layout for their store. The shelves at Colt Outfitters offer T-shirts, jeans, yoga pants, dresses, shoes, and even accessories.

“I got my shoes for prom here,” Class of 2022 graduate Chloe Pareida said. “It’s a very cool store and a smart idea because the clothes are cheap and they’re donations. Students who can’t drive can come here to purchase inexpensive clothes – and it’s good stuff.”

Colt Outfitters officially opened to students during the Covina High School Showcase on March 9, during which the shop generated more than $1,000 in sales. These proceeds from Colt Outfitters directly fund the Interact Club, allowing them to continue serving the Covina community through acts of charity such as providing school supplies and toiletries to students at no cost.

“We are delighted to see the level of service, collaboration, and support that has resulted from Covina High School’s brilliant endeavor,” Covina-Valley Unified Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Eminhizer said. “Colt Outfitters is an incredible enrichment opportunity for students, encouraging them to recycle unused goods, teaching them life skills, and providing an affordable way to obtain high-quality clothing. The creativity and resourcefulness of our teachers, staff, and students truly know no bounds.”


C-VUSD_COLTOUTFITTERS1: Covina High School’s stylish, on-campus thrift store provides work and life-skill education as well as affordable clothing to its students.

C-VUSD_COLTOUTFITTERS2: Colt Outfitters, Covina High School’s trendy on-campus thrift store, is filled with merchandise that is donated by students, for students.