COVINA, CA – Covina-Valley Unified School District’s efforts to continue prioritizing the wellness of students and offering mental health services that go beyond the classroom are receiving a significant boost thanks to the help of a $7.2 million California Community Schools Partnership Program (CCSPP) grant, casting a light on the District’s commitment to serving the whole child.

The District received grants for four of its elementary schools and each of its comprehensive high schools. The $7.2 million total for the seven grants will be disseminated over five years.

“This grant is a huge opportunity for our District to continue providing the services we feel will help our students continue to be successful,” Director of Student Services Dr. Matt Dalton said. “We get to do this in a way where we can make sure all of our students, schools, and families have the same opportunities and resources.”

The grant funds will be used to expand the health and wellness support available to students across the District, including allowing the District Health and Wellness Center to remain open full-time rather than open based on referrals. The grants have allowed the District to hire counselors at all elementary school sites and three new mental health counselors at high school sites, further increasing students’ accessibility to resources and support.

Covina-Valley Unified wrote the grants around four core commitments: a commitment to asset-driven and strength-based practices; a commitment to racially just and restorative school climates; a commitment to powerful and ultra proficient and relevant instruction; and a commitment to shared decision-making and participatory practices.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to apply for grants of this magnitude that will impact our students for years to come,” Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Eminhizer said. “We want our communities to be engaged with us along this process and to continue making Covina-Valley Unified a standout District!”

Covina-Valley Unified plans to expand all school sites’ health and wellness services by applying for additional grants and funding opportunities. The District will continue aligning its services to develop a comprehensive student support system, prioritizing the whole child.


CVUSD_GRANT1: New Merwin Elementary School Counselor Brenda Montiel works with a student in the school’s on-campus Wellness Center. Covina-Valley Unified School District recently received California Community Schools Partnership Program grants for four elementary schools, allowing them to hire counselors at all elementary school sites.

CVUSD_GRANT2: A Covina-Valley Unified School District social worker shows a student how to perform CPR at the District’s Health and Wellness Center. The District is in the process of hiring a mental health coordinator to serve as the head of the Wellness Center thanks to funds provided from the California Community Schools Partnership Program grant.