COVINA, CA – Covina-Valley Unified School District Board of Education members assumed their new roles during the Board reorganization meeting on Dec. 11, preparing for another year of exemplary leadership, uplifting, and supporting students across the District to achieve their academic goals.

Maria E. Cruz will be taking the helm as the Board President, Sue L. Maulucci will serve as Vice President, Maria M. Caceres will take on the position of Clerk, and Simon Wright and Rachael Robles will continue to impact the District as Board Members positively.

“I am incredibly honored to serve Covina-Valley Unified as Board President,” Cruz said. “I look forward to continuing to uphold the values of our District and achieving our primary goals of enhancing education and supporting our students every day.”

The annual process of Board reorganization is essential to ensure each member of the Board serves in a leadership position, continuing to support the District by making informed decisions, maintaining smooth operations, and achieving District goals.

Board members oversee the management of schools and services in the District, ensuring that students receive the best education possible and advocating that their community’s schools receive proper funding.
“We are so lucky to have such a devoted and caring Board of Education supporting our District,” Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Eminhizer said. “I’m excited to see all of the great things our Board will accomplish as they continue leading our District to achieve educational excellence.”


(From left to right) Covina-Valley Unified School District Board of Education Vice President Sue L. Maulucci, Board President Maria E. Cruz, Board Members Rachael Robles and Simon Wright, Board Clerk Maria M. Caceres, and Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Eminhzier. Members of the Board assumed their new roles at the Board reorganization meeting on Dec. 11.