COVINA, CA – Covina-Valley Unified School District was celebrated for its exemplary insights and strategies into student enrollment and success in A-G courses, shining a light on the District’s devotion to reducing equity gaps in college eligibility and promoting educational excellence.

Covina-Valley Unified was one of nine school districts featured in the Policy Analysis for California Education’s (PACE) 2023 A-G Resource Guide, each of which achieved completion rates that surpassed the overall statewide rate. A-G courses refer to a series of 15 high school classes across a range of subject areas that students are required to pass in order to receive admission to the California State University and University of California systems.

“College and career preparation are two pillars that we strongly emphasize at Covina-Valley Unified,” Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Eminhizer said. “Our high A-G course completion rates are proof to our community that we are devoted to preparing our students for the next chapter in their lives.”

The District boasted an overall 2019 A-G course completion rate of 69.1%, compared with the state average of just above 40%. C-VUSD also reported high rates of A-G course completion among socioeconomically disadvantaged, Latinx, Black, and English learner students, outperforming the state in each subgroup.

PACE’s A-G Resource Guide praised Covina-Valley Unified for engaging in productive practices that help to ensure students remain on track for their A-G course completion, including implementing a seven-period day to increase A-G offerings and credit recovery, as well as creating customized Google Sheets to monitor off-/on-track status, A-G courses taken/failed, and missing courses.

The District was also recognized for its commitment to increasing equitable access to Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses by eliminating all prerequisites, assessments, and essays needed to enroll in upper-level classes. Instead, students who indicate readiness to engage in a high level of educational rigor through motivation, study skills, and high responsibility levels are able to enroll in any Honors or AP course.

“We pride ourselves on presenting equal opportunities in education to each and every one of our students,” Dr. Eminhizer said. “We believe this is fundamental in creating a safe and inclusive learning environment that inspires students of all backgrounds to strive for success in their lives.”


CVUSD_A-GCOMPLETION1: A Northview High School graduate waves in excitement during the school’s Class of 2023 commencement. Northview High was one of two Covina-Valley Unified schools celebrated for their exemplary insight into student enrollment and success in A-G courses.

CVUSD_A-GCOMPLETION2: Two Covina High School graduates smile before they walk across the stage for their school’s Class of 2023 commencement ceremony. Covina High was featured in the Policy Analysis for California Education’s (PACE) 2023 A-G Resource Guide, representing Covina-Valley Unified School District’s high A-G course completion rates.

CVUSD_A-GCOMPLETION3: A South Hills High School graduate smiles at the camera at his 2023 commencement ceremony. Covina-Valley Unified School District was recognized for its exemplary A-G course completion rate, boasting a 69.1% completion rate compared with the state average of just above 40%.