MONROVIA – Clifton Middle School’s Daniela Mazzeo, who continually shows her passion for her students by dedicating time and paying attention to their needs, was recognized on court at the Los Angeles Clippers game on Feb. 13 for her success as a teacher.

Mazzeo teaches English language arts and serves as the yearbook coordinator and technical adviser for the school’s robotics program. Her extensive digital and video production background has allowed her to partner with the program and introduce a different level of expertise.

“Daniela is truly an asset to Clifton,” Principal Jennifer Jackson said. “She does not settle for what is, but rather what should be by being innovative and forward thinking for the sole benefit of student learning.”

Mazzeo has gained respect from her Clifton family in a short amount of time and is relied upon by both veteran and rookie teachers because of her ability to collaborate, solve problems, and plan in a way that benefits all students.

“It’s an honor for one of our own Monrovia Unified teachers to be acknowledged by the larger community,” MUSD Board President Ed Gililland said. “Our district is fortunate to have quality educators who go above and beyond for their students.”

Mazzeo’s instruction and guidance to robotics students have led to multiple awards and recognition for Clifton’s teams. Currently, Mazzeo is working on a plan to expand Clifton’s traditional yearbook program by adding a multi-media approach that will be more attractive for students. Mazzeo also is forging the way at Clifton Middle School by building a digital portfolio requirement that will be woven into the school’s core instructional program.

“Teachers like Daniela have such a profound impact on our students,” MUSD Superintendent Katherine Thorossian said. “I am grateful for her expertise and continued enthusiasm in giving our students even greater opportunities for learning.”


02-08-19_MUSD_Mazzeo: Clifton Middle School’s Daniela Mazzeo works one-on-one with her students, and ensures she is paying attention to their needs, which played a role in her nomination to be honored on court during the Los Angeles Clippers Game on Feb. 13.