MONROVIA – Highlighting the achievements and successes of each student, Canyon Oaks High School and Mountain Park Independent Study School will celebrate the graduating Class of 2020 with a drive-thru commencement ceremony at Monrovia High School on June 2.

The ceremony will follow all social distancing requirements and public health guidelines established for Los Angeles County.

“This school year, our graduating class missed many senior opportunities but our community came together and advocated for our students to receive the graduation they deserve,” Board President Rob Hammond said. “I cannot wait to see our graduates walk across the stage and experience the moment they rightfully earned. Congratulations to all of our seniors from Canyon Oaks and Mountain Park.”

To keep the drive-thru commencement ceremony safe for students, families, and staff, each student may only come accompanied by those who fit in one family-sized car. If members in the car roll down windows, all members inside the vehicle need to be wearing face coverings.

At a designated time, the graduates will individually exit their vehicles and walk across the graduation stage to receive their diplomas.

“Graduation is the culmination of a child’s education experience,” Superintendent Dr. Katherine Thorossian said. “Every degree our students earn hereafter, they will earn as adults. For this reason, high school graduations are milestones. For this reason, it is important to recognize and celebrate this achievement.”

Canyon Oaks High School and Mountain Park Independent Study School are committed to helping students succeed, whether through recovering credits to graduate on time or advancing in credits to graduate early.

As a tuition-free independent study school, Mountain Park offers flexibility in academic schedules and exposes students to career pathways, extra-curricular programs, and early college opportunities that exist at Monrovia High School.

Mountain Park School has a full curriculum that meets college admission requirements, is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The school and its programs are designed to help students succeed in college, career, and beyond.

“Our graduates for the Class of 2020 have pushed themselves and worked tirelessly to achieve their academic and personal goals,” Director of Alternative Schools Flint Fertig said. “I am proud of each and every one of them, and I look forward to celebrating their achievements at commencement on June 2.”