BUENA PARK, CA – Buena Park School District students are journeying around the globe and experiencing the sprawling cityscapes of Rome, Malaysia and Greece, thanks to virtual field trips offered through the District’s Summer Kid Connection program

Kid Connection, which has enrolled 24 students at Corey School and 32 at Emery School, is open to all District students. The program offers a safe environment for academic assistance, playtime with friends, art and other activities over the course of nine weeks. Emery School’s program is led by Elisa Rios, and Corey School’s is led by Jenifer Navarro.

“My favorite part about Kid Connection is being able to be with my friends during the summer,” Emery School third-grader Elle S. said. “I also love the virtual field trips because I get to learn and experience new things from other countries.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kid Connection limited its enrollment and activities to ensure student safety. Now, the District has implemented health protocols such as the use of desk shields and masks to safeguard students while they participate in the program.

“I love Kid Connection. It’s great to have the students back in person,” Emery School Kid Connection Substitute Lead Jasmine Aguilar said. “While it’s unfortunate that we can’t go on in-person field trips, these virtual trips are still great because it makes students feel like they’re traveling and seeing new cultures and foods.”

Kid Connection introduces a new theme each week to boost understanding and creativity. The first week’s theme was colors; future themes will include ancient civilizations, theme parks around the world and historical sites around the United States.

“Kid Connection is such a joy for all of our students, parents and teachers because it’s a fun way to foster more academic and social-emotional growth in our students,” Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes said.


BUENAPARK_KIDCONNECTION1: Emery School third-grader Elle S. displays her Lego creation, made during art time in the Kid Connection summer program. Kid Connection provides students with a safe environment for academic assistance, playtime with friends, art and other activities during the summer.

BUENAPARK_KIDCONNECTION2: Emery School second-grader Anthony R. reads a book to boost his literacy skills during the Kid Connection summer program. Kid Connection now provides virtual field trips to its students in addition to academic assistance, art lessons and physical education.