BUENA PARK – For 16 years, Marilee Perini has been making summer school fun for Buena Park School District students, allowing them to decorate classrooms, discover the Newport Dunes and learn about dog breeds and reptiles from pet assemblies through the Kid Connection program she coordinates.

Through Kid Connection, both during the summer and regular school year, Perini crafts lesson plans that focus on improving students’ academic and social skills.

The summer program provides students with a safe environment while also offering twice-weekly field trips and in-class assemblies. During the regular school year, the program also serves as before- and after-school childcare that emphasizes homework assistance.

Perini began working at the District as a physical education aide before graduating from California State University, Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies.

Perini said she loves working in the Kid Connection program because it allows her to remain in contact with some students throughout nearly their entire stay in the District. Perini said her constant presence and encouragement ensures stability and growth among students.

“Seeing our students grow and thrive academically and socially is very rewarding,” Perini said. “We sometimes have students and their families from kindergarten through sixth grade, which makes us part of their daily lives for years. Many students that keep in contact with me are now young adults and some are community leaders, which gives me a sense of fulfillment.”


072519_BUENAPARK_KIDCONNECTION: Marilee Perini has worked alongside students for 16 years as a coordinator for Buena Park School District’s Kid Connection program, where she encourages academic and social growth through a variety of fun and engaging projects.