BUENA PARK, CA – Buena Park Middle School welcomed U.S. Representative Young Kim onto campus, greeting her with the tastes and aromas of culinary arts, the tech and machinery of robotics and the flora and fauna of horticulture, thanks to the school’s rigorous career technical education programs.

Kim, who represents California’s 39th Congressional District, was invited to tour Buena Park School District with its administrators on April 13 and see how state and federal funding can provide more support for academic success and stronger career pathways.

“Visiting Buena Park School District gives me real life experience and perspective, by seeing what students are being taught, how they interact with their teachers and peer groups,” Kim said. “When I see these things, I know what I do at the federal level. I can talk from personal experience and fight with conviction on why funding is needed to help our local school districts to get the resources they need.”

During her visit, Kim also spoke with student counselors at the school’s WellSpace Center, saw students planting vegetables and fruits in the garden, heard teachers talk about the importance of band and performing arts and watched students use carpentry tools.

“We were very excited that Representative Kim was able to visit our school and students and see and experience all the wonderful programs that we have to offer,” Principal Shin Park said.

Kim, who also serves on the House Committee on Space, Science and Technology, said the STEM-based learning that is taught in the District will make students more appealing to colleges and tech industry.

“It was an honor to host Representative Kim to Buena Park Middle School, to show her firsthand how our students are doing more than just learning in the classroom – they’re building robots, planting gardens, being creative and building the self-esteems of their peers,” Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes said. “It’s important for her to see how the legislation she passes can cause positive effects on our students and their futures.”


REPVISIT1: U.S. Rep. Young Kim (middle) holds a robot created by Buena Park Middle School students in their school’s robotics lab. Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes (left) and Principal Shin Park (right) gave Young a tour of the campus and several of its career technical education programs, including horticulture, culinary arts and woodshop.

U.S. Rep. Young Kim speaks with eighth-grader Ashley L. during her culinary arts class, where she recently learned how to make ramen healthier by adding vegetables and other ingredients. Kim was given a tour of Buena Park Middle School on April 13, where she learned about the school’s robust career technical education programs.

REPVISIT3: U.S. Rep. Young Kim inspects a woodworking project created by eighth-grader Kelly O. during her visit to Buena Park Middle School on April 13 to learn about the school’s latest program expansions and to meet its students and teachers.