BUENA PARK, CA – Four Buena Park School District teachers have received the 2020 Mathspace Esteemed Educator Award for their skill in boosting understanding of math concepts to students through personalized instruction.

Mathspace recognized teachers Sean Hamilton, Courtney Hsu, Scott Magnin and Jon Christensen on July 6, making Buena Park School District one of only two districts in California to earn four Esteemed Educator Awards.

Mathspace is an adaptive online math platform used by students worldwide that helps replicate the experience of having a teacher conduct a lesson in person. The program became a highly effective tool when the District transitioned to distance learning in March.

“This era of education is unnerving for students and parents and Mathspace is imperative,” Mathspace Regional Customer Account Manager Rhonda Davis said. “Buena Park School District is amazing for having foresight to invest in using online learning tools like Mathspace to provide step-by-step feedback. It has been great seeing these teachers take off with using the platform over the last three years.”

Sean Hamilton, eighth-grade teacher at Buena Park Junior High, has been using Mathspace for three years as a tool for instant data to help track where his students are struggling and succeeding. When the District transitioned to distance learning, tracking day-to-day progress became even more valuable.

“I love using the program as a progress check, as well as a homework development tool. With the data we get from Mathspace, I see if I need to move onto a new lesson or not and I can adapt future assignments based on what students know,” Hamilton said. “I think that our District was set up for success when we became 1-to-1 with iPads. Since then, we’ve been well prepared for online learning for the last few years.”

Scott Magnin used Mathspace for four years while a sixth-grade teacher at Gilbert Elementary School, crediting his extensive training for enabling him to mentor other teachers. Magnin has used Mathspace to create individualized lesson plans for students who either need more review or who are ready to move ahead.

“Mathspace allows me to give students an individual opportunity in their math education, without having to follow a structured timeline,” said Magnin, who will teach fourth grade in fall. “I can assign an adaptive program, which either challenges them greater in an assignment or brings to a close the current activity or assignment.”

Magnin credited Mathspace for keeping his student engaged during distance learning. They learned the system quickly, making it easier for him to provide assignments and track daily progress. At point, he said, his students were even “asking for more.”

As a fourth-grade teacher, Magnin is hoping to again provide his students with the opportunity to use Mathspace.

“We are very thankful for our educators who go above and beyond for our students, ensuring they have the tools they need to be successful,” Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes said. “This commitment was made even more evident during our distance learning in spring. We are incredibly fortunate to have teachers who were able to keep their students on track while we faced unprecedented challenges.”

The 2020 Esteemed Educators will work closely with Mathspace as advisers, sharing expertise and insights to shape the future developments of the program.


07202020_ BUENAPARK_MATH: A Corey School student showcases her iPad, which are given to all Buena Park School District students, allowing her and other students access to online academic tools such as Mathspace.