BUENA PARK, CA – Buena Park School District’s revamped preschool program is ensuring its youngest students thrive by using data collected from the Desired Results Development Profile (DRDP) to create personalized and focused plans that prepare students for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Thanks to DRDP data collected during the first two months of the 2022-23 school year, teachers at all preschools in the District are now providing in-depth student progress reports to track readiness, acknowledge strengths and determine if students need additional support in their learning.

Teachers gather DRDP data by observing students during daily classroom activities, play and one-on-one interactions. The observations focus on social and emotional development, language and literacy, cognition (including math) and English language development.

“The DRDP data helps us ensure that our preschool practices set students up for success with their next teacher,” Administrator of Early and Expanded Learning Mary Beckelheimer said. “The data also allows us to identify needs and provide extended support for students earlier in their academic career– early intervention is key in addressing learning challenges.”

Growth or need for improvement is noted throughout the school year by teachers and instructional assistants and is then used to tailor learning plans and is shared with students’ new teachers when they are promoted to their next grade level.

Beckelheimer said one of the most important components of the DRDP is consistent contact with parents. Teachers update parents throughout the year on their child’s growth, creating meaningful discussions about what to encourage and how to prepare their children for higher grade levels.

“The work being done at the Buena Park Learning Center and in our expanded preschool program is phenomenal – we’re building a strong foundation for our youngest students and making sure they have good support early in their lives,” Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes said. “The Desired Results Development Profile data we collect will go a long way in ensuring our students get the social and academic assistance they need to thrive in the Buena Park School District, high school, college and in their careers.”


SUCCESS1: Buena Park Learning Center Early Learning Educator Kyoung Son reads along with preschooler Abigail N. during a lesson, observing how she is learning according to the Desired Results Development Profile guidelines, which is then used to create personalized and focused plans for student success.

SUCCESS2: Preschooler Kyle J. learned about taking turns on the slide and safety while on playground equipment from Early Learning Educator Kyoung Son. Son and other Buena Park School District teachers observe how preschool students behave and learn to gather data for the Desired Results Development Profile, which provides outlines on how to approach teaching to all District students.