BUENA PARK, CA – Gilbert School sixth-grader, Kenya E., is contemplating between following a college pathway in criminal justice or marine biology, but decided that she would research scholarships for both after speaking with a Fullerton College representative during a campus tour with her classmates.

“On this field trip, I learned about the different classes I could take here and about the resources available,” Kenya E. said. “My goal for college is to first get my Bachelor of Science degree and then get my master’s degree.”

More than 84 Gilbert School students walked the Fullerton College campus during a Nov. 22 instructional tour led by Fullerton College Student Ambassadors, who provided information about programs, services and campus life from a student perspective.

The students attended the campus through their school’s Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, which fosters college awareness and readiness. Students asked about college admissions, applications, credits, majors, housing, transportation and more.

“I didn’t have the best grades when I was in middle and high school, and so college wasn’t something I ever really thought about,” said Kameron Hawks, a third-year student and Student Ambassador for Fullerton College. “It is so important for these kids to know that college is possible for every single one of them.”

Dr. Kathryn Wilson, sixth grade teacher at Gilbert School, said the purpose of the college tour is to “ignite a passion for learning” in students and get them excited about the possibilities for their future in education.

“Campus tours expose our sixth-grade students to campus life, resources available, and most importantly – the understanding that college is most definitely possible for them despite challenges and obstacles they may face in life,” Wilson said.

Wilson said she will help her students research information on how to apply for financial aid, scholarships and grants in the coming weeks.

“An important part of Buena Park School District’s mission is to prepare students to contribute to the world around them in a positive way, and we believe that supporting our students’ college goals is one way to do that,” Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes said. “Every student at Buena Park School District is college bound and these tours are providing them insight on what educational pathways they can choose.”


120919_BUENAPARK_COLLEGETOUR: Gilbert School sixth-graders embark on a Fullerton College campus tour Nov. 22 with their guide, Kameron Hawks, and their teacher, Dr. Kathryn Wilson, to learn about college majors, scholarships and opportunities.