BUENA PARK, CA – Forty-one Buena Park School District students cheered and excitedly marveled with their friends after receiving $50 gift cards for Vans shoes, thanks to donations from the Boys & Girls Club of Buena Park.

The employees and owners of Simpson Buick GMC of Buena Park raised $5,000, which was divided to provide 100 Boys & Girls Club children with the gift cards. During a Feb. 26 event, students were given their gift cards, while some also won prizes such as blankets, t-shirts, cup holders and backpacks emblazoned with Vans logos.

The District’s partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Buena Park provides students who live in motels, shelters, camp sites, cars or share residences with other families with a safe place to participate in remote learning, allowing them to study and grow in a fun environment.

“This is an incredibly unique and wonderful opportunity for our students,” Dr. Elsie Briseno Simonovski said. “Thanks to this partnership between the Boys & Girls Club and the Buena Park School District, our students can benefit from local partners and donations. These shoes will go a long way to making our students and families feel confident and proud.”

Beatty Middle School seventh-grader Bryan L. said he cannot wait to buy a new pair of skating shoes, since his old pair ripped.

“I want shoes with a lot of colors, like red and green with yellow stripes,” Beatty Middle School seventh-grader Joselyn A. said. “I love being at the Boys & Girls Club because they always do nice things like these donations and they are so helpful with homework. My grades have gone up since I started coming to the Boys & Girls Club.”

Luz Trout, program director at the Boys & Girls Club of Buena Park, said she was proud to see the community coming together to help students.

“We are so grateful for this donation to our students because having new clothing items such as shoes can positively impact the social-emotional development of students,” Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes aid. “We are proud that our community is always willing to help out students by providing them with the tools and confidence they need to succeed.”


BUENAPARK_DONATION1: (Left to right) Buena Park School District seventh-grader Joselyn A., sixth-grader Isaac M. and seventh-grader Bryan L. hold up a poster decorated like a Vans gift card, signifying that they’ll be each given a $50 gift card to purchase Vans shoes. The donation was provided by the Boys & Girls Club of Buena Park and funded by Simpson Buick GMC of Buena Park to provide shoes to Buena Park School District and other area students.