BUENA PARK, CA – Buena Park School District students spelled a variety of tongue-tying, treacherous words – putting their spelling skills to the test during the District’s 2023 Spelling Bee on Feb. 9.

The Spelling Bee, held in the Buena Park Middle School gymnasium, featured 51 students from each school in grades four through eight. Fourth- and fifth-grade had their own division, while the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade spellers competed to see who would advance to the Orange County Spelling Bee.

After more than three hours of competition, which included multiple tie-breaker rounds, the winners were announced to the cheers of parents, family members and friends. Gordon H. Beatty Middle School eighth-grader Mia Vargas-G. won first place for the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade division, Emery School student Bennett L. won the fifth-grade division and Emery School student Jacob W. won the fourth-grade division.

“It’s so exciting that I’m going to the Orange County Spelling Bee,” Mia Vargas-G. said. “I’ve done quite a few spelling bees, but I’ve never won before. I’m a little scared but I’m looking forward to the County Spelling Bee.”

Jacob W. said he was worried that he was not going to win but was thankful for the practice help he received from family members that he believed secured his win.

“I want to thank all of our participants for studying hard, learning to spell so many difficult words and becoming more verbose as a result of this competition,” Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes said. “We know our sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade winner and runner-up will make our District proud at the Orange County Spelling Bee and encourage our entire community to achieve and succeed.”

Both sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade winner Mia Vargas-G. and runner-up Bible K. will represent Buena Park School District at the Orange County Spelling Bee on Feb. 27.

Fourth-grade Division:
Winner: Jacob W.
Runner-up: Daniel B.

Fifth-grade Division:
Winner: Bennett L.
Runners-up: Elly C., Frederick L., Jordan C. and Jayden N.

Sixth-, Seventh- and Eighth-grade Division:
Winner: Mia Vargas-G.
Runner-up: Bible K.


BEE1: Sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade winner Mia Vargas-G. and runner-up Bible K., both representing Gordon H. Beatty Middle School, showcase their trophies from Buena Park School District’s 2023 Spelling Bee.

BEE2: Emery School fifth-grader Bennett L. took home first place in his division – leaving him speechless after such a tense competition.

BEE3: The complete line-up for Buena Park School District’s fourth-grade Spelling Bee division – including Emery School fourth-graders Jacob W. and Daniel B. (first two on the left), who took home first place and runner-up, respectively.