BUENA PARK – Gilbert School sixth-grader Citlalli C. darted from room to room on Back to School Night, showing her mother her artwork, her essay detailing “If I were in charge of the world” and how she’s crafting stone age tools from tree branches and rocks.

“It’s good to be involved with my daughter’s education and to know where her teachers are heading with their lessons,” Veronica C. said. “Having this one-on-one time with her teachers is very helpful and informative.”

Gilbert School held its Back to School Night on Aug. 29, with teachers and administrators providing classroom tours, detailing updates to the curriculum and explaining the school’s new Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program for students in first, fifth and sixth grade.

“Our new AVID program is perfect for teaching our students the importance of getting organized and getting themselves ready for college through rigorous classes and college awareness,” Gilbert School Principal Leslie Ramirez said. “These Back to School Nights are great for explaining our new programs and to give teachers that direct contact with parents to exemplify other important topics.”

In addition to providing college readiness, Gilbert School will host weekly spirit days, where students can wear college apparel to boost interest in attending college. Ramirez said the school’s goal is have the AVID program available to all Gilbert School students.

The District’s next Back to School Nights will be at Corey and Pendleton schools at 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 5.


090419_BUENAPARK_GILBERT1: Veronica C. (right) and her daughter, sixth-grader Citlalli C., look at her essay detailing “If I were in charge of the world” and how she would abolish rent. The two toured her classwork during Gilbert School’s Aug. 29 Back to School Night.

090419_BUENAPARK_GILBERT2: Gilbert School kindergarten teacher Heidi Higgins answers questions from parents while her students play with blocks during the school’s Aug. 29 Back to School Night.