BUENA PARK, CA – Gordon H. Beatty and Buena Park middle school students were teeming with excitement during their promotion ceremonies on June 1, cheering as they celebrated their final days as eighth-graders and Buena Park School District students.

The ceremonies, held at Buena Park High School, saw the promotion of 178 Gordon H. Beatty Middle School eighth-graders and 240 Buena Park Middle School eighth-graders. The event allowed families to applaud their students while safely maintaining social distancing and following health guidelines

Buena Park Middle School Associated Student Body President Diana F., who was also named a Distinguished Scholar, Meritorious Scholar and speech contest winner, thanked her parents for their support and her older brothers for encouraging her to be her best self.

“Our journey getting here wasn’t easy – the past three years have been filled with trials and challenges for all of us,” Diana F. said. “But this year taught us that we’re stronger than we think.”

Gordon H. Beatty Middle School Distinguished student Daniel F. urged his peers to always look to family, friends and teachers for support. He also thanked his teachers for giving him the focus and determination that lead to his Distinguished Student award.

“My teachers here at Gordon H. Beatty Middle School are the best – I think they’re the best I’ve had in my entire academic life,” Daniel F. said. “They taught me to always persevere and never give up.”

Following each of the ceremonies, family members, friends and District administrators celebrated the middle school alums, showering them with praise, gifts and cheers.

“Congratulations to all of our promoting students for the Class of 2022 – the entire Buena Park School District is proud of your achievements,” Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes said. “Today is not an ending, but a new beginning – and a beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care because it is the start of the road to success for all of you.”

Gordon H. Beatty Middle School Awards

Distinguished Student Award Winners: Daniel F. and Lesly F.

Meritorious Scholars: Danya A., Katie C., Sofia C., Lesly F., Kevin G., Allison K., Kenneth L., Leo L., Rebecca L., Solomon L., Jonathan L. and Amy S.

Honors (3.5 – 3.99 GPA): Noelani C., Yugeun C., Liana D., Jocelyn G., Noel H., Dorothy M., Zachary A., Giselle K., Stacy K., Ayden L., Alyna L., Alejandro T., Aubrey Paige T., Kyle P., Dyna A., Nathan B., Arabella C., Isabella E., Kyle F., Lucia H., Aiden L., Raina L., Phillip M., Ricardo O., Joshua P., Zachary P., Genesis Q., Dariana R., Marilyn R., Siwon W., Jeremy Z., Sarah B., Matthew C., Aurora D., Julia E., Elijah F., Daniel G., Edward H., Noah H., Jared J.,, Abigail J., Jacob J., Jia J., William K., Cristal L., Dayana M., Kaelyn M., Taeyoung P., Trisha P., Amir R., Richard R. and Avery Jane T.

High Honors (4.0 GPA): Emily A., Danya A., Sanoe B., Andrew C., Katie C., Sofia C., Tatiana C., Viviana E., Daniel F., Lesly F., Liam G., Elaiza Roz G., Kevin G., Abigail H., Amy H., Allison K., Kenneth L., Leo L., Rebecca L., Sanghyeok L., Solomon L., Troy L., William L., Julian M., Ethan N., Jade P., Alfred R., Pedro S., Amy S. and Jonathan W.

Buena Park Middle School Awards

Distinguished Scholars: Odin F. and Diana F.

Meritorious Scholars: Diana F., Ishan P., Jazlyn D., Gian A., Daniel M., Odin F., Maria Fernanda A., Aiko D. and Davi G.

Presidential Gold: Ishan P., Jazlyn D., Gian A., Daniel M., Maria Fernanda A., Aiko D., Omar F., Calvin Donald A., Christopher O., Yesenia G., Jaydee S., Alyssa C., Daniel S., Rohan P., Kai Emmanuel L., Josephine C., Ruby R., James L., Cailean T., Danielle P., Joshua M. and Nicholas Y.


2022GRAD1: Gordon H. Beatty Middle School promoting students step through a balloon archway on their way to their promotion ceremony on June 1 at Buena Park High School.

2022GRAD2: Buena Park Middle School Distinguished Scholar Odin F., waves to his family and friends with some 240 of his peers during their promotion ceremony on June 1.

2022GRAD3: Gordon H. Beatty Middle School students cheer during their promotion ceremony, signifying their transition from middle to high school.