BUENA PARK, CA – Buena Park School District will resume in-class learning on Nov. 9, a decision reached after review of the latest health data and positive community feedback.

The decision was made during an Oct. 26 Board of Education meeting after Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes and Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Yvette Cantu outlined the reopening plan and safety protocols.

The District’s reopening date was determined in coordination with neighboring La Habra City Elementary, Fullerton, Savanna and Centralia school districts. Centralia and Fullerton opened Oct. 5 and 13, respectively, while Savanna and La Habra City will open Nov. 9 and 16, respectively.

The District also received positive feedback on reopening from parents via an online survey, with some 1,832 parents in favor of reopening the District for in-class learning.

Miramontes said elementary schools will have a maximum of 16 students per class, while middle school classes will have 17. Cantu said the student on-campus presence will be offset by having students attend campus in morning and afternoon shifts. The first two weeks of school will have students in class for four minimum days with distance learning on Wednesday, Nov. 18, a day off for Veterans Day and will transition to five minimum days after Thanksgiving.

Miramontes also said each campus will provide students with transparent face shields, face masks, hand sanitizer and plastic shields around desks. Mental health assistance for students, teachers and staff will also be available.

“We are very pleased with the stability of Buena Park’s COVID-19 numbers and believe that with a secure safety protocol, we can bring students back onto campus to resume in-class learning,” Miramontes said. “We believe our reopening plan will be a perfect combination of safety and rigorous academics.”

Human Resources Chief Personnel Officer Russell Harrison said the District anticipates rehiring some 30 classified employees, mostly instructional assistants, for the return to class.