BUENA PARK, CA – Buena Park School District students learned about charity, friendly attitudes and helping others during the District’s second annual Kinder Kindness Week celebration, held Jan. 23 to 27.

Some 375 kindergarten students were given medals and superhero capes for learning various ways to make their campus, community and homes better by spreading kindness. Students also created artwork about how they’re reaching out to make new friends, planting trees, cleaning up their neighborhoods and being polite.

“I hope that the Kinder Kindness event inspires our students to be kind year-round,” Special Projects Teacher Charlene Ball said. “We want to teach students that their first instinct should be kindness and that its always best to be naturally kind.”

Each elementary school in the District is currently showcasing the artwork in various multipurpose rooms and classrooms to spread goodwill to the rest of the student body and visiting parents. The Kinder Kindness art exhibit can also be viewed online.

“To me, kindness means helping others when they’re sick, sharing and saying thank you,” Corey School kindergartener Penelope M said.

The Kinder Kindness medals and capes were paid for by the Buena Park School District Education Foundation and the KM Legacy Foundation.

“Kinder Kindness Week is quickly becoming one of my favorite celebrations because it’s important to condone kindheartedness and humanity,” Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes said. “Kinder Kindness is part of our District’s extensive wellness program, which aims to boost social-emotional growth in all of our students while.”


KINDNESS1: Corey Elementary School kindergarteners Brayden M. and Olivia F. beam with positivity after earning medals for participating in Buena Park School District’s Kinder Kindness Week.

KINDNESS2: Corey Elementary School kindergartener Patrick T. shows off his superhero cape, signifying him as “super kind” during Buena Park School District’s Kinder Kindness Week.