BUENA PARK, CA – Buena Park School District honored teachers, administrators and staff for reaching milestones such as years of service, boosting student achievement, commitment to the District and students and upcoming retirements during an Employee Recognition Celebration on May 18.

The event was held at the Buena Park Community Center, where families and friends of recognized employees gathered to cheer on their loved ones. More than 60 employees were celebrated during the ceremony and guests included a field representative from Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva, Chairman of the Board for Orange County Supervisors/4th District Supervisor Doug Chaffee, City of Buena Park Mayor Sunny Park and City of Buena Park City Council members Beth Swift and Connor Traut.

“I’d like to give a special thank you to everyone we honored during our Employee Recognition Celebration – they are truly the best-of-the-best and are the reason behind our District’s continued success,” Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes said. “I love our annual Employee Recognition Celebrations because they shine a light on all the hard work being done in our District – from bus drivers to maintenance workers and administrators to teachers.”

10 Years of Service Awards: Daniela Pineda, Christina Reider, Katrina Butler, Vanessa Flores, Sergio Villalobos and Deborah Collinsworth.

15 Years of Service Award: Hoa Lee.

20 Years of Service Awards: Emily Bruhns, Laura Lucero, Mike Rizzo, Deborah Treadway and Lisa Whyte.

25 Years of Service Awards: Heather Grethe, Stephanie Williamson, Shelli Abbott, Michael Casper, Jon Christensen, Jennifer Gerdes, Jenifer Krowel, Julianne Merys, Romel Salvador, Dana Santoyo, Derek Staniford, John Travis, Gina Vanides, Daniele Fuson, Carmen Sandoval, John Kreidt, Daniel McLaughlin, Lori Willis and Robert Fernandez.

30 Years of Service Awards: Carl Hermreck and Loretta Rodriguez.

35 Years of Service Award:
Debbie Clark.

Recognition of Retirees: Virginia Aguirre, Carlos Bravo, Carmen Padilla, Josephine Frusteri, Andy Weber, Alfonso Perez, Michelle Hehn, Kathleen Tedone, Debbie Clark, LaVonne Lopez, Sanh Ta and Karen Schliebe.

Superintendent/Board President’s Special Recognition: Sheryl Burgess and Trustee Irene Castaneda.

Teachers of the Year: Kelly Harris (Gordon H. Beatty Middle School), Jenny Mangkalakiri (Buena Park Middle School), Tina Nguyen (Corey School), Gil Kim (Emery School), Esther Choi (Gilbert School), Evelyn Yaffee (Pendleton School), Daniele Fuson (Whitaker School) and Sara Alan (Buena Park Learning Center).

District Teacher of the Year: Daniele Fuson.

Classified Employees of the Year: Vanessa Flores (Nutrition Services), Christa Jarvis (Paraprofessional), Daniela Pineda (Health and Student Services), Juan Chavez (Custodial and Maintenance Services) and Chuong Khong (Transportation).


(Left to right) Buena Park School District’s Teachers of the Year; Kelly Harris, Daniele Fuson, Sara Alan, Jenny Mangkalakiri, Evelyn Yaffee, Esther Choi and Tina Nguyen were just a few of the many who were honored at the District’s Employee Recognition Celebration. Not pictured: Teacher of the Year for Emery School, Gil Kim.

Sheryl Burgess was selected as one of the Superintendent/Board President’s Special Recognition award winners during the Buena Park School District’s Employee Recognition Celebration. Board of Education member Irene Castaneda was also selected for the Superintendent/Board President’s Special Recognition award.