BUENA PARK, CA – Emery School families from around the globe celebrated the hard work, compassion and positive behavior of 135 students across seven grade levels during a series of Dec. 16 virtual student of the trimester award ceremonies.

The ceremony took place via Zoom, with each grade level showcasing students who went above and beyond in being respectful, responsible, ready to learn and safe during distance learning and in-person lessons.

“I’m very proud of our students for demonstrating a commitment to their education as they become great thinkers, scholars and citizens,” Principal Julie Linnecke said. “It is important to recognize students for their hard work and good behavior, especially during the pandemic. Students have been required to learn in an entirely new format that isn’t always easy. Their efforts are very commendable.”

Linnecke said holding the ceremony virtually was a blessing, since some families from countries as far as Germany were able to watch and celebrate.

“Even though things are very different this year, it was so wonderful for our students to still be recognized at the virtual assembly,” said Renee M., mother of two award recipients. “I am so appreciative that the amazing staff and principal at our school are always willing to go above and beyond for our kids.”

Students and their parents were also welcomed onto campus to pick up their awards and for photo opportunities later that afternoon. Students and families wore masks and followed social distancing rules to maintain safety.

“Congratulations to our Emery School trimester award winners,” Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes said. “We are so proud that so many of our students are excelling and growing while also becoming leaders in their community.”

TK Award Winners: Liam A., Naideen M., Niles Y., Riley U. and Samantha M.

Kindergarten Award Winners: Cerys B., Elizabeth L., Harvir R., Isaac C., Kadie T., Liam K., Adriel P., Casen C., Ezekiel T., Hanna M., Prisha P., Zoey F., Cory C., Emily K., Emily T., Enoch L., Ewan K., Nora W., Aileen K., Chloe K., Evee Y., Jayden S., Maximiliano P. and Roy E.

First Grade Award Winners: Anthony W., Ellie H., Julienne P., Caleb Y., Elijah H., Ethan P., Hailey I., Luke A., Zara C., Alvin P., Audrey L., Love L., Mace P., Mia L., Reece S., Ahmad A., Carolyn N., Kate B., Ryan S., Sofia O., Ximena E., Kaelyn L., Robert T., Danny K., Ian S., Joanna Y. and Sriyan J.

Second Grade Award Winners: Abigail P., Brayden L., Emile G., Marcos B., Mila D., Vidushi S., Isaac E., Simon C., Joshua N., Aaron U., Dean C., Lichhavi B., Olivia P., Tate H., Yuna K., Grace M., Hailey W., Nathan S., Allison I., Claire M., Daniel B., Jaden H., Shachia L., Yoonha K., Ava H., Elena I., Ezra M., Irene K., Jay S. and Noel J.

Third Grade Award Winners: Bennett L., Celeste W., Elliott P., Sharon L., Aiden J., Faith L., Rachel K., Tyler K., Brandon K., Eli H., Isabella G., Uriel K., Rachel K., Elliot B., Aayden S., Alina P., Amelia M. and Rebecca Y.

Fourth Grade Award Winners: Aiden F., Evelina L., Kylie K., Stella A., Kian N., Aleiana D., Adrian H., Jesse K., Lila R., Noah G., Amelia R., Bo K., Kevin D. and Tatiana L.

Fifth Grade Award Winners: Eugene K., Jewon W., Meaghan D., Aaniya B., Andrew S., Heidi C., Michael V., Riya R., Carter C., Chaemin P., Isaac M., Jessica K., Theodore W., Joslyn M., Khloe F., Logan G., Luke K. and William R.


BUENAPARK_AWARD1: Emery Principal Julie Linnecke and teachers congratulate first-grader Audrey L. as she is named one of 135 students of the trimester during a virtual ceremony. The awards showcased students who went above and beyond in being respectful, responsible, ready to learn and safe during distance learning and in-person lessons.

BUENAPARK_AWARD2: Emery School Kindergartener Cerys B. receives a student of the trimester award, honoring her commitment in being respectful, responsible, ready to learn and safe during distance learning and in-person lessons. Cerys B. along with 134 other students were honored during a virtual ceremony and then picked up their awards on campus during a drive-through ceremony.