SAN DIMAS/LA VERNE – The Associated Student Body (ASB) at San Dimas High School unites the campus and creates a community of inclusivity where every Saint feels like they belong. This service-minded leadership and encouragement of students, along with other aspects of the program, has earned San Dimas High ASB the Outstanding Leadership Program Award (OLPA) by the California Association of Student Leaders (CASL).

The OLPA is a distinguished award presented only to 5% of eligible schools whose student leadership programs demonstrate that students are growing as ethical, responsible and servant-minded leaders. San Dimas High’s ASB students were recognized for exhibiting their skills at adapting activities and events, providing resources, supporting staff and students, encouraging a culture of service, working toward creating an equitable campus and more.

“Receiving the OLPA award gave our program confidence in knowing that what we are doing for our students is impactful,” ASB Director Lisa Carson said. “My students work very hard and we do it for the love of the student body and the love of our school.”

In the 2022-23 school year, ASB has focused on increasing student participation by hosting accessible and inclusive activities that focus on the recognition of each student and aim to create a supportive campus community.

One such event was “Starting Fresh,” which welcomed students back for the new school year with farmers market-themed booths and games. The event gave students time to reconnect with their friends and assimilate back into the school culture before classes began.

“The impact that the San Dimas High ASB demonstrates is immense,” San Dimas High junior Citlali Salazar said. “They put in lots of effort to create an interactive experience at rallies and represent student diversity through the different activities they plan. They truly are a team that is dedicated to their roles of being student leaders and improving the school.”

The San Dimas High ASB will be presented with the OLPA award on Monday, April 17 at the CASL State Conference in Santa Clara.

“We have lots of love for our ASB program and the students we serve,” ASB President Jaiden Miranda said. “We always strive to create a positive environment for everyone while amplifying the experiences of our high school students and creating long-lasting impacts on the city of San Dimas.”


BUSD_ASB1: San Dimas High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) won the Outstanding Leadership Program Award for its service-minded leadership that has allowed them to create a community of unification and inclusivity for all students. ASB strives to increase student participation by hosting accessible and inclusive activities for everyone.

BUSD_ASB2: San Dimas High School’s Associated Student Body threw a start-of-the-year event, “Starting Fresh,” to welcome students back to campus and give them time to become reacquainted with friends. The farmers market-themed event included food, games, activities and more.