LA VERNE/SAN DIMAS – Shull Elementary second-grader London Williams’ love for creating and curiosity for learning has inspired her to make and sell her very own scented candles, a venture that is spreading joy to the Bonita Unified community this holiday season.

What started in March as a simple question to her mother: “Mom, how are candles made?” has now become a part-time business for 8-year-old Williams, whose biggest order consisted of 35 candles after her mother, Lisa M., shared them with family, friends and co-workers.

“I have always tried to instill the importance of being your own boss to my daughter, and when she showed an interest I candle-making, I jumped at the opportunity to encourage and support her,” Lisa said. “I bought her the candle making kit and she took to it.”

Lisa has worked for the Bonita Unified School District for five years in the transportation department. She gave a candle to Rose Lee, the BUSD Director of Transportation, who loved it and ordered 35 candles to give out to colleagues.

Lisa said that her daughter has always been curious about how things work, loves to craft and enjoys science experiments. Both of Williams’ parents are extremely proud of her.
“Our daughter inspires us,” Lisa said.

When asked what ingredients she uses to make her candles, Williams said that she uses all-natural waxes and a secret ingredient: love.

“My favorite part about making candles is when I get to see people enjoying them,” Williams said. “I want to see my candles in stores all around the world one day.”

Williams’ scents include apple pie, peach, ocean, powder, berries and watermelon. Some up-and-coming scents that she will be experimenting with soon include aromatherapy, such as eucalyptus and lavender. Her mom is even helping her create a website, Candles by London, which will be up and running soon.

Julie Pasquarella, Williams’ second-grade teacher at Shull Elementary, said that she is an incredibly creative child with a big heart.

“I think the great thing about this is that London is truly spending her time well because not only is she doing something fun that brings her and her mother together, but she is learning a craft that requires math and science, as well as buying and selling,” Pasquarella said. “It is wonderful to hear how London is using her time at home to continue to learn and do something she loves.”

Superintendent Carl Coles said that Williams exemplifies what it truly means to be a member of the Bonita Unified community.

“What makes London’s story so inspirational is that, here is a second-grade student who is using her time at home to learn something new and find something she is passionate about and share that passion with her community,” Coles said. “Bonita Unified School District’s mission is to prepare every student to live their purpose, and London is reminding all of us that we can still live our purpose despite whatever challenges we may be facing.”


Bonita_LONDON_1_12_16_2020: Shull Elementary second grader London Williams says that she makes all of her candles with love, and that she wants to see her candles in stores all around the world one day.

Bonita_LONDON_2_12_16_2020: Shull Elementary second grader London Williams is starting her own candle making business titled “Candles by London,” which include all-natural waxes and scents, such as peach, ocean and berries.