SAN DIMAS/LA VERNE – Bonita Unified educators will see their classroom projects come to life after receiving mini-grants from the Rotary Club of San Dimas that will support a campus wellness center, outdoor play areas and resources for math students, as the service organization continued its tradition of supporting District initiatives during the Feb. 7 Board of Education meeting.

Rotary Club of San Dimas president Steve Scott, joined by Rotarians Raymond Foster, Sean Casey, Marilyn Sparks, Anthony Porter, Rita McGee and Casey Cox, distributed $1,500 in mini-grants to three Bonita Unified teachers at San Dimas schools, joining the Rotary Club of La Verne – which awarded its mini-grants in January – in honoring BUSD educators.

Chaparral-Vista High School counselor Val Herrera received a $500 grant to help establish a Wellness Closet in the school library, a safe and judgment-free zone for students where they will be able to access basic necessities like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, clean underwear and more.

Shull Elementary School kindergarten teacher Somer Estrada will use her $500 grant to revitalize the school’s outdoor play area, creating an environment that extends beyond the classroom, where her students will have a stimulating and enjoyable space to play.

Shull Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Susan Hsiung will use her $500 grant to help boost math comprehension by purchasing learning tools called math manipulatives that will help students to better grasp complex concepts through an active, hands-on approach.

“Thank you to the Rotary Club of San Dimas for allowing our teachers and staff to bring innovative concepts into our classrooms and develop new methods of learning that will help prepare Bonita Unified students live their purpose,” Bonita Unified Superintendent Matt Wien said.


BUSD_SDROTARY_MINIGRANTS: Bonita Unified educators Somer Estrada and Susan Hsiung, along with Holy Name of Mary School educator Jonathan Medina, receive large checks signifying the $500 mini-grants they received from the San Dimas Rotary Club during the Feb. 7 Board meeting. Not pictured: mini-grant recipient and Chaparral-Vista High School counselor Val Herrera.