LA PUENTE, CA – On November 2, Bassett High School dedicated a newly renovated special education center in honor of Linda Davis, a 30-year educator praised for championing the needs of special education students and helping them reach their full potential.

“Linda did so much for the orthopedically impaired students,” Bassett Unified Special Education Department Chair Jessica Ramirez said. “Linda pushed them to establish high expectations for themselves, filling them with the confidence they needed to finish their schooling and enter the workforce.”

Bassett Unified marked the Davis Learning Ceremony dedication ceremony by bringing together District staff, board members, former special education students and representatives of local, state, county and federal officials.

The center is home to the District’s Adult Transition program, which provides special education students with lessons on daily living skills, socialization and career exploration.

The center also features a plaque commemorating Davis, who died in 2007, on her 30 years of helping Bassett Unified’s special needs students transition into college, vocational schools and the work force.

During her time at Bassett High School, Davis was a department head, transition specialist and workability director.

Board of Education President Dolores Rivera remembered Davis as a unwavering educator, who would give department direction even when she was hospital bound.

“Linda Davis did everything that we, at the board and at the District, have promised to give our children – which is the best education for our young adults and students in special education so that they can be out earning a living just like any of us,” Rivera said.

Guests also toured the renovated classrooms – which have new computers, adaptive furniture to accommodate wheelchairs and updated kitchen facilities – observing as students learned to count money and the days of the week.

“The Davis Learning Center renovations reflects the commitment Bassett Unified School District and its Board of Education have made to our students with special needs,” Superintendent Debra French said. “The Davis Learning Center will present our Bassett High students with the opportunity to further develop the life skills they need to enjoy an active, independent and full life.”


11.07.18_BASSETT_DAVIS_1: Bassett High School Principal Gabriel Fernandez, along with members of the special education staff and Assistant Principal Veronica Cueva, debut the Davis Learning Center – newly renovated to accommodate learners with special needs on Nov. 2.

11.07.18_BASSETT_DAVIS_2: Bassett Unified Board of Education Vice President Javier Romo and Board President Dolores Rivera, along with Superintendent Debra French, unveil a commemorative plaque on Nov. 2 dedicating Bassett High School’s special education wing in honor of former educator Linda Davis.