BANNING, CA – Hoffer Elementary School students immersed themselves in a morning full of activities and games rooted in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) subjects during the school’s inaugural STEAM Day, held Sept. 28.

Kindergarten through fifth-grade students collaborated with staff to plan the event by completing a survey of potential activities and included feedback for future occasions. The day before the event, students were delighted to receive their schedules comprised of two pre-selected STEAM events and discuss their expectations with peers and teachers.

“I am so excited that STEAM Day is finally here and that we are getting to take a break from our day-to-day lessons and work together to create things and have a ton of fun,” fifth-grader Gulianna Alvarado said. “I mentioned in my survey that cup stacking would be fun and I was happy to see that so many of my friends and I were assigned to the cup stacking station as well as the bracelet-making activity. I can’t wait for next month’s STEAM Day to learn more things.”

During the event, kindergarten- through second-grade students fostered their creativity through various activities involving art, pattern blocks, constellations, electricity, toothpick and marshmallow building and cookie baking projects. Third- through fifth-grade students connected creativity to critical thinking by launching rockets, making ice cream, airplanes and bracelets and engaging in cup stacking, robotics, fort building and science games.

Hoffer Elementary Principal Matt Beilstein organized the event shortly after the school was named a National Certified STEM School in June 2022, aiming to celebrate STEAM subjects, foster an inclusive learning environment and inspire students to be more involved in STEAM education, study and work.

“Thank you to our incredible teachers and staff for all your hard work to ensure the success of today’s event and to our outstanding STEAM partnerships that teach our students enriching activities year around,” Beilstein said. “As a recent National Certified STEM School, our students, teachers and staff are thrilled to participate in our first annual STEAM Day. It is amazing to see our students so excited about learning math and science. We look forward to continuing to provide our students with more hands-on learning and real-world applications that increase academic excellence.”

Hoffer Elementary will host a STEAM Day monthly for the remainder of the 2022-23 school year.

“Thank you Principal Beilstein for delivering educational and innovative STEAM opportunities for our Hoffer Heroes for more than ten years,” Superintendent Terrence Davis said. “At Banning Unified, our vision is to prepare, inspire and educate, and we are proud to add STEAM Day to our list of exceptional educational opportunities offered in our District.”


BAUSD_STEAMDAY1: Hoffer Elementary Heroes engage in a bracelet-making activity designed to explore creativity and develop social skills during the school’s first STEAM Day on Sept. 28.

BAUSD_STEAMDAY2: Students engage in a robotics activity where they use computers to program their bots to complete an obstacle course during STEAM Day at Hoffer Elementary School on Sept. 28.

BAUSD_STEAMDAY3: Hoffer Elementary School students compete to launch the highest rocket during the inaugural STEAM Day on Sept. 28.