BALDWIN PARK – A bright and colorful altar holds photos of loved ones, candles, papier-mâché flowers and decorative calaveras, or sugar skulls, as guests enter the Día de los Muertos art exhibit at Baldwin Park’s Arts and Recreation Center.

Eight Baldwin Park High School students were selected to display their artwork at the exhibit, which runs through Saturday, Nov. 3.

“Every time a topic is introduced to me, I usually have an immediate picture in my head of what I want to draw, and the Día de los Muertos exhibit was no different,” Baldwin Park High School sophomore Yareli Olguin said. “I was really excited when the opportunity to have my artwork displayed was announced, and I was ecstatic when I got accepted in the exhibit.”

Using a ball-point pen and pencil for shading, Olguin drew the image of a young dancer.

Baldwin Park High School sophomore Savanah Enciso created a pencil drawing of a skull, adding an orange flower to the side of the skull for a pop of color. Ana De La Cruz, a sophomore, drew a traditional Día de los Muertos skull with face decorations.

Sophomore Edgar Cardenas drew the profile of a skull and adorned it with colorful flowers. Elizabeth Barcena, also a sophomore, drew the face of a young girl with hollow eyes and the neck of an hour glass, titled “Time is Ticking.”

Isis Kohle Jackson, a sophomore, produced a mixed-media piece of a candle emerging from the top of a skull. Junior Karmen Escarga drew an altar to honor her family. John Garcia, also a junior, used colored pencils to create a comic book scene.

“The arts are invaluable to a well-rounded education, and to have our students recognized for their cultural contributions speaks on their immense talents,” Superintendent Dr. Froilan N. Mendoza said. “We are grateful to the city of Baldwin Park for providing these art opportunities to our students.”

The Arts and Recreation Center provides year-round cultural art programs and activities for children and adults, as well as guided tours, which include an arts and crafts project for all students in attendance.


BPUSD_ DÍA_MUERTOS_ART_1: Eight Baldwin Park High School students had their artwork showcased at the city of Baldwin Park’s Arts and Recreation Center’s Día de los Muertos art exhibit. The students include: sophomores Yareli Olguin, Savanah Enciso, Ana De La Cruz, Edgar Cardenas, Elizabeth Barcena, Isis Kohle Jackson, and juniors Karmen Escarga and John Garcia.

BPUSD_ DÍA_MUERTOS_ART_2: The city of Baldwin Park’s Arts and Recreation Center is hosting a Día de los Muertos art exhibit until Saturday, Nov. 3, featuring artwork created by eight Baldwin Park High School students.