BALDWIN PARK – Baldwin Park Unified School District is promoting a year-long attendance campaign for the 2018-19 school year, starting with September Attendance Awareness Month to eliminate chronic absenteeism rates.

With the slogan “Attendance Matters – Every School Day Counts,” the District emphasizes that good attendance is essential for student achievement and graduation. The campaign coincides with national attendance awareness month, held annually to highlight the importance of attendance.

“One of our District goals is to increase the attendance rates across all of our schools so that we can continue ensuring high achievement for all students,” Superintendent Dr. Froilan N. Mendoza said. “It is imperative that students practice regular school attendance, and our staff and teachers are working closely with parents to accomplish this collective goal.”

Mendoza joined the Attendance Works’ Superintendents Call to Action to make attendance a priority. Attendance Works is a national organization that works to improve policies for school attendance and encourages superintendents to help lead the effort.

The average daily attendance at Baldwin Park Unified for the 2017-18 year was 96 percent; the 2018-19 goal is to reach 97.5 percent.

Baldwin Park Unified’s Student Services Department is working with each school to update procedures for attendance reporting and early identification, prevention and intervention for those with attendance issues.

Schools across the District are hosting student assemblies, parent workshops and providing resources for families.


BPUSD_ATTENDANCE_AWARENESS_1: Baldwin Park Unified is launching an attendance campaign for the 2018-19 school year to drive academic achievement and success for all students.