BALDWIN PARK – From the elementary to the high school level, Baldwin Park Unified students are engaging in meaningful activities and opportunities through the District’s visual and performing arts (VAPA) programs.

“We want to provide enriching opportunities for our students to explore their talents, especially in the areas of visual and performing arts,” BPUSD Superintendent Dr. Froilan N. Mendoza said. “The arts inspire students to express their creativity, which in turn deepens their engagement and success in all of their classes.”

Baldwin Park Unified’s Board of Education adopted a pair of resolutions on Feb. 28 to show support for arts and music education.

Resolution 19, or “All Music, All People,” celebrates the unity that music brings and supports the practices and purposes of music education. Resolution 20, March as Arts Education in California Month, encourages all students to engage in an array of artistic mediums, including graphic design, painting and drawing.

The District designated March as Music in our Schools Month and Arts Education in California Month, encouraging all students, parents, educators and community members to celebrate and participate in VAPA programs.

At Baldwin Park High School, theater students took the center stage of Baldwin Park’s Performing Arts Center and delivered wickedly funny performances of “The Addams Family” musical from March 21-23.

Walnut Elementary School second-graders sang and danced to catchy tunes on March 22, sharing how inventions, such as the lightbulb and computer, changed the course of history.

At Sierra Vista High School, students celebrated arts education during the school’s annual Chalk the Block event, creating detailed masterpieces that depicted pop-culture icons.

At Geddes Elementary School, parents are participating in a 10-week art and poetry workshop. During a lesson on March 21, parents practiced self-portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo before trying their hand at five-line poetry.


MARCH_VAPA_1: Geddes Elementary School parents practice self-portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo on March 21, as part of a 10-week art and poetry workshop.
MARCH_VAPA_2: Walnut Elementary second-graders sing and dance to catchy tunes as they share the history of scientific inventions on March 22.