BALDWIN PARK – More than 150 students in kindergarten through sixth grade from Tracy and Vineland elementary schools crossed the finish line at Sierra Vista High School on May 10, completing the final mile of a 26.2-mile marathon as part of Rod Dixon’s Kids Marathon Run Club.

“It felt good to run in this marathon and I feel like I accomplished something important,” Vineland sixth-grader Harley Wirth said. “I’ve learned not to give up and to keep running.”

Tracy and Vineland elementary students volunteered for the running program in October, and since then they have been running in weekly stages to reach the 26.2-mile goal. Parents, siblings and family members cheered on the runners as they rounded the last corner of Sierra Vista’s track.

After completing their final mile, students were presented with participation medals by Superintendent Dr. Froilan N. Mendoza, Tracy Principal Dr. Laura Rodriguez, Vineland’s curriculum intervention technology coach Marisol Lázaro and other school administrators.

“The most exciting part about today was finishing the marathon and getting a medal,” Tracy fifth-grader Emilee Rivera said. “It has been tiring, but also a lot of fun.”

Rod Dixon’s Marathon Run Club is a running and nutrition program that teaches students the importance of good nutrition and exercise habits to inspire sustainable, healthy practices.


ROD_DIXON_1: Tracy and Vineland elementary school students from kindergarten through sixth grade earn participation medals for completing the last mile of a marathon run on May 10, as part of Rod Dixon’s Kids Marathon Run Club.

ROD_DIXON_2: Students celebrate a day at Sierra Vista High School’s track and field on May 10, marking their successful completion of Rod Dixon’s Kids Marathon Run program that challenges students to run a 26.2-mile marathon over the course of multiple weeks.