COVINA, CA – Seven Covina-Valley Unified School District students seek to impact education research as part of the League of Innovative Students’ (LOIS) Spring 2024 cohort.

Each year, the Digital Promise’s Center for Inclusive Innovation (CII) selects up to 40 students nationwide from school districts that are part of the League of Innovative Schools. These students join a team of education policymakers, educational technology developers, and researchers in designing student-centered solutions to issues in education.

South Hills High School senior Ahrianna Chavez, junior Richie Ramos, and sophomore Keena Weigel; Covina High School senior Eunice Chung and junior Gianna Herrera; and Northview High School junior Priscilla Madrigal and freshman Jin-Jin Sanglimsuwan will work on one of three projects that will not only enhance their research and design-thinking skills but also contribute to shaping the national education landscape.

“Being accepted into LOIS means that I have a purpose to fulfill,” Chavez said. “Through this program, I hope to bring hidden things that adults may not see into the light to further help students get the best education possible. This is really a chance to be the voice for my peers and advocate for them.”

The Covina-Valley Unified students will collaborate virtually with CII staff members on various issues, including equity challenges in education, criteria for equitable EdTech, and inclusive EdTech evaluation models. Over the six-month duration of the program, they will have the opportunity to research education challenges, design solutions, present their work to school leaders, and publish blogs or vlogs about their experience.

“I’m so glad to be part of a community filled with other students who want to pioneer change in the world,” Sanglimsuwan said. “During my time at LOIS, I hope to create free resources for students who may be impacted by the digital divide. I also want to strengthen my research skills in conducting studies and critical thinking in preparation for Advanced Placement classes I plan to take later in high school.”

This is the first year Covina-Valley Unified students have been chosen to be part of LOIS.

“This recognition showcases the exceptional talent and dedication of our students – it is incredible to have seven Covina-Valley Unified students among the 40 from across the nation selected for this prestigious honor,” Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Eminhizer said. “Our students will not only be empowered through this experience but will help shape the future of education.”


CVUSD_LOIS1: (From left to right) Covina High School junior Gianna Herrera and senior Eunice Chung; Northview High School junior Priscilla Madrigal and freshman Jin-Jin Sanglimsuwan; and South Hills High School sophomore Keena Weigel and senior Ahrianna Chavez were chosen by Digital Promise to be part of the League of Innovative Students’ Spring 2024 Design Sprint. Through this program, the students will have the opportunity to impact research in education and elevate student voices. (Not pictured: South Hills High School junior Richie Ramos)