WHAT: Students at Juan Cabrillo Elementary School in Malibu are in for a theatrical treat on Friday, Dec. 5 when Story Pirates, a performance art organization promoting literacy and creativity, will visit the school to act out student-written stories.

The performance follows an assembly for students that addressed such substantive educational topics as vocabulary development, story structure, revision and confident self-expression, while teaching students what goes into making a creative story from beginning and middle to end. Students then use what they’ve learned to write their own stories, under guidance from their teachers, that eventually will be performed by the Story Pirates.

This is the first Story Pirates visit to the school in five years. Former Juan Cabrillo students, now in 8th grade, still remember the stories and impact the first performances had on their learning and writing in the third grade.

The event is made possible by the contributions from the PTA and a donation from the family of a student.

WHEN: Friday, Dec. 5

Grades 4-5: 8:30 a.m.
Grades K-3: 9:30 a.m.

WHERE: Juan Cabrillo Elementary School, 30237 Morning View Drive, Malibu,

VISUALS: Improv actors acting out student stories in front of the students.