WHITTIER, CA – The Santa Fe High School campus is one filled with spirit, tradition and Chieftain Pride – evident in the elaborate events, props and costuming that come to life year-round. Much of it is due to the efforts, sleepless nights and countless hours of planning by those behind the scenes: the Associated Student Body.

Santa Fe’s ASB cabinet includes 31 students who spend a vast amount of time over summer and nearly every day throughout the school year finding ways to engage their peers, all while honing their leadership skills.

“When I first came to high school, I was very shy, but leadership has been something I’ve always loved and made me feel good about myself. That’s why I joined ASB,” said ASB President Steven Nuon, who has been in the program throughout high school. “It’s also great to create something amazing that impacts the lives of other students.”

The students’ dedication has paid off. For 14 consecutive years, Santa Fe’s ASB has won the Outstanding Student Activities Program Award, granted by the California Association of Student Leaders (CASL). CASL is the largest state association for high school and middle school ASB cabinets and leadership groups.

The cabinet has been working hard to submit an application for the 2015 award – one that stands out over its other award-winning entries, which include scrap books and comic books that detail their student-led projects and successes. Winners will be announced and awarded in March.

“To be recognized for demonstrating excellence in activities speaks volumes of our students and the caliber of this program,” said ASB Activities Director Marissa DeCasas. “The students are dynamic, diverse and well-rounded. They bring so much to the campus and they want kids to get involved. They never cease to amaze me.”

ASB students dedicate their time to planning homecoming, large- and small-scale celebrations, the Red Ribbon community parade in October and the King of Hearts event in February. They also work with special education students on campus. Being a part of the program has also opened doors for students, some of whom have gone on to intern at Google or participate in summer film academies.

Nuon – who has a 3.9 GPA, takes Advanced Placement (AP) and honors classes, plays on the water polo team and is in the Boy Scouts of America – plans to use his leadership skills at an Ivy League university, where he will major in the sciences.

“These students have done an excellent job of building campus pride among their peers and have developed into exemplary student leaders who successfully balance academics and extracurricular activities,” Principal Kevin Jamero said. “ASB is a perfect forum that puts our students on the best possible path for success.”


SFASB: The Santa Fe High School Associated Student Body (ASB) cabinet includes 31 students dedicate their time to planning homecoming, large- and small-scale celebrations, and the King of Hearts event in February, among many other celebrations throughout the school year.