POMONA – Thirty-six Pomona Unified students will compete in the 66th annual Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair on March 17-19 at the Pasadena Convention Center after an excellent showing of their innovative science projects at the District’s Sarah Ross Science Fair.

The District fair, held at Ganesha High School, is sponsored by the Pomona’s Promise Community Engagement Board (formerly known as the Pomona Youth and Family Master Plan) and its Promoting Academic Achievement (PAA) Task Force.

The Task Force partners with local organizations to provide stimulating scientific activities to Pomona students. The fair is named for Sarah Ross, a longtime Pomona Unified teacher who was the founding chairwoman of the PAA.

“The innovation and imagination of our students is a joy to see and experience,” Pomona Unified Board of Education President Adrienne Konigar-Macklin said. “Every year, the Sarah Ross Science Fair highlights the great strides we are making in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We are committed to providing the necessary resources for our students and teachers to excel in the classroom and beyond.”

One-hundred forty-five students from across the District participated in the fair, divided in a Junior Division (grades 6 through 8) and Senior Division (grades 9 through 12). Additionally, four student projects each won a $400 Sarah Ross Foundation scholarship.

Their projects covered a wide range of scientific hypotheses, from the effects of music on concentration to the power of glycerin to the five-second rule. Projects were judged for creativity, scientific thought or engineering goals, thoroughness, skill and clarity.

The following students and their 26 individual and group projects will advance to the Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair:

JUNIOR DIVISION: Alcott Elementary, individuals Kevin Rodriguez and Destiny Suaste; Armstrong Elementary, individuals Diego Jimenez and Boston Wilson; Decker Elementary, Kalei Johnson; Diamond Point Elementary, Anthony Archuleta and Noah Kim as a group and Jayun Hoang and James Salac as a group; Emerson Middle, individuals Fabian Garcia, Daisy Amador, Evelyn Barajas, Dalylah Reed and Joshua Hermosillo; Marshall Middle, Miriam Landaverde, Mia Lovea and Evelyn Lopez as a group; and Palomares Academy, Xitlali Dominguez.

SENIOR DIVISION: Ganesha High, Noemy Chavira, Vanessa Rodriguez and Nhi Trinh as a group and Natalie Gonzalez, Omar Lopez, Omar Mendez, Alan Michel, Omar Velazquez as individuals; Garey High, Jose DeAnda, Gissell Camarena and Johnathan Sanchez as a group, Ileen Esquivel and Dulce Rojas as a group, Arturo Linares, Dulce Ignacio and Sergio Gonzalez as individuals; Palomares Academy, Jacob Silva as an individual; and Raul Lopez.

Winners of the Sarah Ross Foundation Scholarship are: James Salac and Jayun Hoang (Diamond Point Elementary) for Alarm Bag; Kevin Rodriguez (Alcott Elementary) for Battery vs. Solar Bristlebot; Jose DeAnda, Gissell Camarena and Jonathan Sanchez (Garey High) for Galleria mellonella Immune System Response to Insecticide; and Raul Lopez for Ballistic Clothing.

“Our investment in STEM subjects continues to grow exponentially, and the Science Fair is a lasting tribute to Sarah Ross, whose energy and spirit for high-quality education continues to inspire us,” Superintendent Richard Martinez said. “Congratulations to all of our gifted students and the hard-working teachers behind them.”


SCIENCEFAIR1: Pomona Unified School District students show off their medals and certificates during an awards presentation at the Sarah Ross Science and Engineering Fair held Feb. 20 at Ganesha High School. The students will advance to the Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair, to be held March 17-19 at the Pasadena Convention Center.

SCIENCEFAIR2: Ganesha High School on Feb. 20 hosted the Sarah Ross Science Fair, which included 145 students from across Pomona Unified and their innovative projects. The 36 winning students will advance to the Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair, to be held March 17-19 at the Pasadena Convention Center.