POMONA – Pomona High School English teacher Cynthia Hinton knows she was born to teach.

As a child, she would often read the Little Golden Books collection, read newspapers and magazines at home at her teacher mother’s encouragement, and used her favorite toy, a slate chalkboard, to play teacher to her younger siblings.

Surrounded by a world of literacy, Hinton became an avid reader whose imagination flourished with dreams of a future in education and empowering students to reach for excellence.

“I was always dedicated to serving others and grew so excited about the chance to teach that I never asked what my salary would be,” Hinton said. “It didn’t matter to me; only the students did.”

Now a fifth-generation educator who has been teaching in public schools for 41 years, Hinton has earned one of the most praiseworthy distinctions of her career: She is one of 16 educators named a Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year by the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE).

“I am so thankful to my peers and LACOE for this high honor,” said Hinton, who has been teaching in the Pomona Unified School District for 25 years. “I have always seen the potential in every child to academically succeed. My message to my colleagues is to be a lighthouse of hope, light the classroom with the smile of joy for learning and guide your students to be resilient, lifelong learners.”

The title puts Hinton in an elite group of teachers who represent the best of 72,000 K-12 public school educators in the county. She advances to the California Teacher of the Year competition this fall.

“The passion and engagement Mrs. Hinton brings to her classroom is a model for all instructors who wish to successfully connect with their students and challenge them to aim high and strive for academic excellence,” Pomona Unified Board of Education President Andrew Wong said. “We are very proud that she has been recognized for her many years of exemplary service, dedication and professional commitment.”

Hinton credits her success in the classroom to building relationships with students and their families, the community and fellow teachers.

She serves as the school’s English Department chair, is an academic coach who mentors new teachers, supports robust instruction and school programs, and fosters professional collaboration. Hinton also enhances instruction through culturally relevant content and helped design and create the campus’ vision for professional learning communities.

“My contributions to my students is to enliven their curiosity for learning and awaken in them the belief and expectation to set goals to fully pursue their education,” Hinton said.

Hinton’s affection for her craft is so persuasive that many of her students have been inspired to follow in her footsteps in the teaching profession.

Her commitment and passion to teaching have also served as an inspiration to Pomona Unified administrators, teachers and staff.

“Cynthia Hinton is a paradigm of what a rewarding and enduring educational experience can be, and her students are completely devoted to her,” Superintendent Richard Martinez said. “She is an inspiration to all of us at the District as an educator who emboldens students and teachers alike. I want to congratulate Mrs. Hinton for this accomplishment and being a beacon of hope for our students.”


HINTON: Pomona High School English teacher Cynthia Hinton was named a 2015-16 Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year by the Los Angeles County Office of Education. The announcement of the top 16 teachers in the county was made on Sept. 18. She advances to the California Teacher of the Year competition this fall.

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