For Immediate Release: May 29, 2014
Contact: Selina Ayala-Patlan, Valerie Martinez (909) 445-1001

Beginning Teacher Support & Assessment Candidates Complete Year 1 & 2

MONTEBELLO – More than two dozen new educators at the Montebello Unified School District were honored for reaching impressive milestones while on their journeys to become fully certified teachers during a year-end celebration on Wednesday, May 28.

At the Beginning Teacher Support & Assessment (BTSA) Induction Colloquium, held at the MTA Conference Center, 15 new teachers were recognized for completing year one of the program, while 16 others were recognized for completing the two-year program.

“We want to congratulate each MUSD teacher for not only embarking on a new and rewarding professional journey, but for their commitment to professional development,” said MUSD Board of Education President David Vela. “The first few years are most difficult, and each year completed signals a deep dedication to honing effective instructional practices that benefit each student within our District.”

For the past 12 years, MUSD has organized the BTSA Induction Colloquium as a way to celebrate and recognize new teachers who are in the final phase of obtaining their certified teaching credential. Candidates in the two-year program work with a trained mentor to analyze student work, conduct inquiries, and design lessons to meet students’ needs. Candidates also attend monthly professional development meetings around topics that include Equitable and Inclusive Learning Environment, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Academic Language Development, Using Technology for Equitable Access, Classroom Management and Healthy Learning Environment, among others.

The colloquium is intended to celebrate each candidate while providing a forum where new teachers have the opportunity to showcase their best work and can trade ideas and effective strategies for teaching in the classroom.

Upon completion of the program, the District recommends the candidate, who holds a Preliminary Teaching Credential, to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for issuing a Clear Teaching Credential.

“The BTSA Induction Program provides an excellent resource for incoming teachers who are on the path to becoming licensed teachers in California, while creating a teacher support system that transcends the perimeters of the program,” said Susanna Contreras Smith, Superintendent of Education. “We are applaud each candidate for their hard work and thank each member of our District team that facilitates the success and development of the BTSA Induction Program here at MUSD.”

The BTSA Induction Program is a sponsored by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The program engages preliminary credentialed teachers in a job-embedded formative assessment system of support and professional growth to fulfill the requirements for the California Clear Teaching Credential. BTSA Induction programs are locally designed and implemented.


BTSA: Teachers who have completed year one and two of the BTSA Induction Program pose with their certificates at the Annual BTSA Colloquium in Montebello.