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Lynwood School Raises $14,000 for New After-school Arts Program

For Immediate Release Feb. 20, 2014
Contact: Valerie Martinez, Maritza Fairfield (909) 445-1001

Lynwood School Raises $14,000 to Implement New After-School Music and Arts Program

LYNWOOD, Calif. – Hundreds of students at Mark Twain Elementary School have been spending their afternoons taking visual art, piano and drumline classes, after the school community banded together to raise approximately $14,000 to bring a new 10-week afterschool enrichment program to the Lynwood campus.

“Our parent-teacher organization (PTO) really took this fundraiser to the next level to bring this special program to our school,” said Mark Twain Principal Edward Espino. “It was a great showing of school spirit and we are excited to see how our students grow from this new opportunity.”

Students, staff and parents took part in a candy sale fundraiser to generate the funding so that students express themselves creatively while learning new skills.

“Congratulations to this entire school community for being proactive and working together to bring such a wonderful educational program to students,” said LUSD Board of Education President Briseida Gonzalez. “Our District is always focused on creating innovative partnerships and opportunities such as this one that translate into big benefits for students at schools across Lynwood Unified.”

About 300 Mark Twain Elementary students participate in the Creative Brain afterschool program two days a week, rotating between the art, piano and drumline classes.

Although many Districts over the past few years have struggled to offer arts education due to budgetary concerns, Lynwood Unified has partnered with local organizations and agencies to continue to offer arts and other enrichment programs to students.

“The arts are such an important element in the continued growth and development of our students,” said LUSD Superintendent Paul Gothold. “Although it has been difficult to find the funding to keep these programs going, we recognize the role that these activities play in student success.”

Several of the District’s elementary schools work with a nonprofit organization to offer an afterschool performing arts program that allows students to perform activities that improve their improvisational, social and literacy skills. In addition, several schools feature drama programs and new Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs offer the arts as part of its enrichment activities.


ARTS1: Eduardo Diaz, a second-grader at Mark Twain elementary, draws during an art class offered through the Creative Brain afterschool program on campus.

ARTS2: Chiagoziem Onwubuya, a second-grader at Mark Twain Elementary, plays during a drumline class as part of the Creative Brain afterschool program at Mark Twain Elementary School.

Lynwood Unified School District

Lynwood School Raises $14,000 for New After-school Arts Program

Nearly 300 kindergarten- through sixth-grade students at Mark Twain Elementary are participating in a 10-week series of after-school piano, drumline and art classes after the school community raised $14,000 through a candy sale fundraiser. During a media open house from 2 to 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 12, students will be available to speak about their experience in the program, and school and district leaders will also be on hand to discuss how state budgets have limited the ability of public schools to offer arts programs to students. Contact: Maritza Fairfield, 909-445-1001 (office) or 909-816-7722 (cell)