For Immediate Release: May 7, 2014
Contact: Selina Ayala-Patlan, Valerie Martinez (909) 445-1001

Johns Hopkins Univ. Center for Talented Youth Participants Recognized for Accomplishments

MONTEBELLO – More than 200 highly excelling students within Montebello Unified School District, who are seeking participation in the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) program, were recognized for their stellar academic achievements at the MUSD 2014 Academic Salute on Saturday, May 3.

Two hundred and eight MUSD students were presented with a certificate awarded by Johns Hopkins CTY representatives for their high marks on two tests required to begin the admittance process into the CTY summer program. Students who performed at two grade levels above their own on the California Standardized Test were then able to move onto the next level of testing: the rigorous School and College Ability Test (SCAT), administered by Johns Hopkins, or the SAT or ACT, tests used for college admissions. Second- through sixth-graders were required to take the SCAT, while seventh- and eighth-graders took the SCAT, SAT or ACT.

“Although the CTY program has been active at MUSD for the past 15 years, this is the first year students are being recognized, right here in their community, for their bright young minds and their interest in CTY,” MUSD Board of Education President David Vela said. “We could not be more proud of their accomplishments thus far, and truly look forward to the success of each student in the future.”

Once students pass the SCAT or meet a qualifying score on the SAT or ACT, they are eligible to apply for placement at highly-esteemed universities within the CTY summer program. At MUSD, students from second- through fifth-grade can participate in a three-week residential program at Maranatha High School in Pasadena. Older students participate in summer programs at University of California, Santa Cruz or Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Most MUSD students qualify for scholarships.

“Being exposed to college courses and college life, having the opportunity to meet other students from across the nation who are also at their academic level and developing the thirst for higher education at such an early age is a gift,” said MUSD Superintendent of Education Susanna Contreras Smith. “We are very proud of our students and are committed to ensuring they receive all the assistance they may need to continue to excel.”

The Academic Salute program consisted of a registration and networking hour, a welcome by Art Revueltas, Deputy Superintendent of MUSD, followed by congratulatory remarks by Dinorah Olmos, Johns Hopkins Assistant Director for Academic Services. Silvia Krespan, Coordinator of Parent & Student Services acted as Mistress of Ceremonies for the event. Students were honored with certificates for their hard work and dedication to high academic achievement. The program concluded with closing remarks from Olmos.

“The Academic Salute sought to recognize MUSD students for their commitment to academic excellence, in the CTY program and beyond,” said Silvia Krespan, Coordinator of Student and Parent Services. “Academic accomplishments of this caliber should be nurtured and honored, and we are very thrilled to have the opportunity to do so with parents, teachers, community members and Johns Hopkins representatives.”

A global leader in gifted education since 1979, CTY is focused on identifying academic talent in exceptional K-12 students and supporting their growth with summer and online courses, family programs, services and resources specifically designed to meet their needs.


The MUSD CTY team poses with Johns Hopkins representative at the 2014 MUSD/Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Academic Salute. From left to right: Eva Evans, Andrea Evans, Ms. Dinorah Olmos of Johns Hopkins, Arthur Revueltas and Silvia Krespan.